Dihybrid Crosses Worksheet Answer Key PDF

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Dihybrid Crosses Worksheet Answer Key PDF

A dihybrid cross is a breeding experiment between two organisms which are identical hybrids for two traits. In other words, a dihybrid cross is a cross between two organisms, with both being heterozygous for two different traits. The individuals in this type of trait are homozygous for a specific trait. These traits are determined by DNA segments called genes.

In a dihybrid cross, the parents carry different pair of alleles for each trait. One parent carries homozygous dominant allele, while the other one carries a homozygous recessive allele. The offsprings produced after the crosses in the F1 generation are all heterozygous for specific traits.

Dihybrid Cross Examples

Mendel took a pair of contradicting traits together for crossing, for example, the colour and the shape of seeds at a time. He picked the wrinkled-green seed and round-yellow seed and crossed them. He obtained only round-yellow seeds in the F1 generation. This indicated that the round shape and yellow colour of seeds are dominant in nature.

Meanwhile, the wrinkled shape and green colour of seeds are recessive traits. Then, F1 progeny was self-pollinated. This resulted in four different combinations of seeds in the F2 generation. They were wrinkled-yellow, round-yellow, wrinkled-green seeds and round-green in the phenotypic ratio of 9:3:3:1.

During monohybrid cross of these traits, he observed the same pattern of dominance and inheritance. The phenotypic ratio 3:1 of yellow and green colour and of round and wrinkled seed shape during monohybrid cross was retained in dihybrid cross as well.

Consider “Y” for yellow seed colour and “y” for green seed colour, “R” for round shaped seeds and “r” for wrinkled seed shape. Thus, the parental genotype will be “YYRR” (yellow-round seeds) and “yyrr” (green-wrinkled seeds).

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