Cyber Safety Handbook PDF For Adolescents And Students

Cyber Safety Handbook PDF Free Download

Cyber Safety Handbook For Adolescents & Students Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

Email Spoofing: Sending out e-mails to you that look genuine and from a trusted e-mail ID but actually, they’re not.

Malicious Files Applications: Sending you malicious and bad applications and files through direct messaging, gaming, emails or websites, etc. in order to get access to your smartphone and personal data.

Social Engineering: Social Engineering is a technique used by cybercriminals to gain your confidence to get information from you.

Depending on what you like to do most, a cybercriminal may try to interact with you to mine for information and/or commit some harm to you.

Suppose you like to play an online game, an impersonator behaves like another child and invites you to talk to him and share information.

Cyber Bullying: A form of harassment or bullying inflicted through the use of electronic or communication devices such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Identity Theft: Deliberate use of someone’s identity to gain a financial advantage or to obtain credit and other benefits in the other person’s name/ for counterparts’ disadvantage or loss.

Job Frauds: Fraudulent representation or a deceptive activity on the part of an employee or a prospective employee toward an employer.

Banking Frauds: Fraudulently obtaining money from depositors by posing as a bank or other financial institution.


Cyberbullying is one of the common cyber threats being faced by children and young people.

Though cyberbullying can impact anyone yet due to limited understanding about cyber threats, children become easy victims of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying means using the internet or mobile technology to intentionally harass or bully someone by sending rude, mean, or hurtful messages, comments, and images/videos.

A cyberbully can use text messages, emails, social media platforms, web pages, chat rooms, etc. to bully others.

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Cyber Safety Handbook For Adolescents & Students Book PDF Free Download

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