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The Conception Of Buddhist Nirvana PDF Free Download

The Conception Of Buddhist Nirvana Book PDF Free Download

Mahayana And Hinayāna

There are two aspects of Mahayana Philosophy, viz, the Madhyamaka Philosophy or Sünyavāda and Yogacara or Vijñānavāda.

Here we are concerned only with Madhyamaka Philosophy or Sünyavāda. Generally, there are three names current for Hinayana and Mahiyana.

The three names for the former are Southern Buddhism, Original Buddhism, and Hinayana, and those for the latter Northern Buddhism, Developed Buddhism and Mahayana.

The first two names are given by European scholars. Southern and Northern Buddhism are names used on a Geographical basis.

European scholars called Buddhism prevalent in countries to the north of India, viz., Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan etc.,

Northern Buddhism that prevalent in countries to the South of India, viz., Ceylon, Burma, Siam, etc. Southern Buddhism.

This division is not quite correct, for, according to Dr. J. Takakusu, the Buddhism prevalent in Java and Sumatra which lie in a southern direction from India is similar to that prevalent in the North.

The division between’ original and developed Buddhism’ is based on the belief that Mahayana was only a gradual development of the original doctrine which was Hinayana, but this is not acceptable to Mahāyānists.

The Original Sources of Mahayāna

The origin of Mahāyāna may be traced to an earlier school known as Mahasanghika and earlier literary sources known as Mahāyāna sutras.

1 Mahasanghikas.

At the council held at Vaisāli (according to Kimura), certain monks differed widely from the opinions of other monks on certain important points of the dharma.

Though the monks that differed formed the majority, they were excommunicated by the others who called them ‘Papa Bhikkhus and Adhammavādins.

The Status of the Buddha

According to the Mahasanghikas, the Buddha was not simply a historical person. The real Buddha was transcendental, supramundane. eternal, infinite.

The historical Buddha was only a fictitious person sent by Him to appear in the world, assume a human body, live like an ordinary human being, and teach the dharma to the inhabitants of the world.

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The Conception Of Buddhist Nirvana PDF Free Download

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  1. When the mind is un-confused un-mistaken and un-deluded it is the buddha-nature itself. For this reason, we must discover our beautiful innate and become happy and joyful. ♥️🙏

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