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Community Development Programme

Community Development Programme PDF

This unit of community development programs and accountability is built on the earlier understanding of what communities are, and how are they located, in the social and economic contexts.

They also gave us some idea of the issues facing these communities. There are various ways in which these issues are addressed.

Community development programmes whether initiated by Government or non-government agencies seek to address the issues and concerns of the communities.

The concept of community development programs focuses on the interventions for community development to be people-centered and people-led, that seek to change for the better, the conditions of living of these communities.

Questions such as what is better for the community, who decides on these, who implements the programs what are how the programs are monitored or implemented, who makes decisions regarding funding and allocations, and who is accountable to whom, form the central focus of community development programs that determine the success in reaching the goals of community development.

Thus community development programmes need to be understood with dimensions of their context, creation, and culmination.

The context factors relate to the issues, problems, and concerns of the community, the background of the community, and the strengths and weaknesses of the community.

The creation refers to the specific programs related to addressing the issues and concerns of the community with what intentions(values basis and goals), strategies, and mechanisms.

The culmination would relate to the way the program reaches its goals and with clear identification of people and processes that are accountable.

This trio of C’s is interrelated and very important for community development programs.

Concept of Community and Development Community development has two terms community and development both of which need some understanding.

The concept of community has already been discussed in Unit I.

We reiterate some of its definitions as “A relatively self-sufficient population, residing in a limited geographic area, bound together by feelings of unity and interdependency”.

“a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists, for example, the business community; the community of scholars”.

Communities refer to people bounded in specific geographic areas and communities of interest. The past three centuries have seen major changes in the notion of community.

We have moved from a predominantly agricultural and rural society to an urban industrialized society, and now to a post-industrial society. In this latter period of de-industrialization, there has been an erosion of community life and a decline in civil society organizations.

These have meant a slow degeneration of traditional family networks, heightened inequality between groups of people as well as growth of institutions to meet the needs of the people, which were hitherto met by the community itself.

Development as a concept would imply that there is progress or change for the better in such a way as to enhance the security, freedom, dignity, self-reliance, and self-development of groups of people.

This would involve twin concepts of social as well as economic development.

Concept of Community Development Community development may be defined as a process by which the efforts of the people themselves are combined with those of governmental authorities, to improve the economic,

social and cultural conditions of communities to integrate these communities into the life of the nation and to enable them to contribute fully to national progress.

Community development is a collaborative, facilitative process undertaken by people (community, institutions, or academic stakeholders) who share a common purpose of building capacity to have a positive impact on quality of life.

Community Development is the process of developing active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect.

It is about influencing power structures to remove the barriers that prevent people from participating in the issues that affect their lives.

Community workers facilitate the participation of people in this process.

They enable connections to be made between communities and with the development of wider policies and programs.

Community Development expresses values of fairness, equality, accountability, opportunity, choice, participation, mutuality, reciprocity, and continuous learning. Educating, enabling, and empowering are at the core of Community Development.

Community Development is about building active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect.

It is about changing power structures to remove the barriers that prevent people from participating in the issues that affect their lives.

Community Development Workers support individuals, groups, and organizations in this process based on certain values and commitments.

Community development works to strengthen face-to-face communities to meet the psychological needs of belonging, practical needs of mutual care, and the political need for participation and campaigning for rights and resources.

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