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CBI Cash / Cheque Deposit Slip PDF Free Download

Deposit Slip from the Central Bank of India (CBI)

A cash deposit slip is a record of how much money will/has been deposited into a bank account or how many cheques have been deposited into a bank.

A cash deposit slip is a form that is used to itemize cheques and cash that is deposited into a bank account.

The following information is included on the cash deposit form:

Account holder’s name

The bank account number

The total amount or value of each cheque deposited

The sum or value of any bills or coins deposited

The completed cash deposit slip is presented to the cashier at the bank, along with the checks, bills, and coins listed on the form.

The cashier or other bank employee processes the deposit and compares the total processed to the total stated on the deposit slip to ensure that they match; thus, the cash deposit slip serves as a cash processing control for the bank.

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CBI Cash / Cheque Deposit Slip PDF Free Download

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