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Booming Digital Stars Book PDF Free Download

Booming Digital Stars Book


The way people are buying is changing. The way you sell and where you sell must also

Nasdaq wrote in one of its articles that in 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online.
In 2021, global Ecommerce has a valuation of USD 4.9 Trillion. With 87% of people
saying that social media helps them decide on their online shopping, digital marketing
is not just an option anymore but a necessity.

Big things are at stake and that means you have to be intentional with how you grow
your business online. This eBook can help you develop a strategic plan that will help you
build a solid online presence.

Having a digital strategy means you stop chasing trends or random actions and start
taking initiative for your business.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Know Your Customer
Chapter 2: Assess Your Digital Marketing Stack
Chapter 3: Know Your Competitors Really Well
Chapter 4: Define Your Business Goals
Chapter 5: Build Your New Digital Marketing Stack
Chapter 6: Building Up Your Digital Strategy
Chapter 7: Budget & Timeframes – How To Get It Done
Chapter 8: Set Your Monitor And Adjustment Process

Website (SEO)

  1. What is your traffic volume across different online sources?
  2. What are the pages that get the most traffic?
  3. Does your website work for all devices?
  4. What keywords are you currently ranking (top 100) in search engine result pages?
  5. Where are your backlinks coming from?
  6. Does your website has an HTTPS URL
  7. Do you have a privacy policy?
    Paid Ads
  8. What channels are you investing in?
  9. What is your budget per channel?
  10. What is your result per channel?
  11. What is your cost per click/rate/impressions/goals?
  12. Which of the channels performs best?
  13. What content has the best results?
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Booming Digital Stars Book PDF Free Download

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