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B.ED Entrance Exam Syllabus PDF Free Download

B.ED Entrance Exam Syllabus

B.ed is a 2-year undergraduate program that qualifies the candidates to be eligible to teach in secondary and higher secondary classes. This course offers a lot of opportunities to young candidates aspiring to go into teaching.

By pursuing this course, candidates can get into the following job roles as high school teacher, secondary school teacher, content writer, counselor, etc.

This course is designed in a way that teaches candidates about the methods of teaching. This course also offers specialization which will help them get advanced knowledge about the subject they want to teach. 

Tabulated below are the course details of B.Ed consisting of all the requisite information for the candidate’s reference, 

Full formBachelor of Education
Duration2 years
AgeCandidate must minimum of 21 years of age
Subject RequiredCandidate must have completed class 12th in any stream whether science, arts or commerce
Minimum PercentageCandidate must have completed class 12th in any stream whether science, arts, or commerce
Average FeesINR 10,000 – 3,00,000 for the entire duration
Average SalaryINR 3.26 L – 5.11 LPA
Employment RolesCandidate must have scored a minimum of 50 % or above or an equivalent CGPA from a recognized board
Top RecruitersPrimary School Teacher, High School Teacher, Head Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, Science Teacher, Assistant, Social Worker, High School principal, counselor, Content Writer, Educational researcher, Educator

What is the B.Ed Syllabus?

B.Ed Syllabus is divided into Core Courses, Pedagogy Courses, and Methodology Courses which aim to increase a Teacher’s skills and involvement in the field. The B.Ed course curriculum is distributed across 3 years, with each year split into two semesters.

B.Ed 1st Year Syllabus

B.Ed First Year Syllabus is divided into 2 semesters. B.Ed 1st Year Subjects include Contemporary India and Education, Language across the Curriculum, Childhood and Growing Up, School Exposure, etc.

B.Ed 1st-semester syllabus includes subjects like Pedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part I, Understanding ICT and Its Application, etc. The total marks for B.Ed First Year Syllabus are 325. 

Childhood and Growing Up and Contemporary India and Education contain 100 marks each. They are the only subjects that contain 100 marks. 

Childhood and Growing UpContemporary India and Education
Language across the CurriculumPedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part I
Pedagogy of School Subject-2 – Part IUnderstanding ICT and Its Application
School ExposureLearning and Teaching
Pedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part IIPedagogy of School Subject-2 – Part II
Knowledge and CurriculumAssessment for Learning

B.Ed 2-Year Syllabus

B.Ed Syllabus for the second year consists of subjects such as Gender, School, and Society, Creating an Inclusive School, Health and Physical Education, Peace Education, Guidance and Counseling, Yoga Education, etc.

Apart from Pedagogy of a School Subject Part-II and School Internship in the third semester B.Ed syllabus, there are 11 subjects in the B.Ed Syllabus of the second year. 

Gender, School and SocietyReading and Reflecting on Texts
Arts in EducationUnderstanding the Self
Creating an Inclusive SchoolHealth, Yoga and Physical Education
Pre internshipInternship

B.Ed Subjects List

B.Ed Course is 2 years in duration. The B.Ed Syllabus is divided into 4 semesters. B.Ed First Year Syllabus deals with 9 subjects. B.Ed First Year syllabus is divided into 2 semesters.

Students will need to sit for 2 Exams Each semester in B.Ed first-year syllabus having 325 marks each.  

B.Ed Semester Wise B.Ed Subjects
B.Ed Semester 1 SyllabusChildhood and Growing Up
Contemporary India and Education
Language across the Curriculum
Pedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part I
Pedagogy of School Subject-2 – Part I
Understanding ICT and Its Application
B.Ed Semester 2 SyllabusLearning and Teaching
Pedagogy of School Subject-1 – Part II
Pedagogy of School Subject-2 – Part II
Knowledge and Curriculum
Assessment for Learning
B.Ed Semester 3 SyllabusPre internship
B.Ed Semester 4 SyllabusGender, School and Society
Reading and Reflecting on Texts
Arts in Education
Understanding the Self
Creating an Inclusive School
Gender, School, and Society

B Ed Course Syllabus

B.Ed subjects list include 10 main section each having 6-7 subjects. Some of the main sections in the B.Ed subject list include Childhood and Growing Up, Language of the Curriculum, ICT and its applications, etc.

Subjects in the B.Ed Syllabus like development and learning, adolescence, and stages of child development fall under Childhood and Growing Up. Subjects in the B.Ed Syllabus like language, nature of classroom functioning, etc fall under the Language Across Curriculum section.

Subjects in B.Ed Syllabus like teaching as a profession, understanding the concept of teaching, and understanding the concept of assessment fall under the knowledge and curriculum section of the B.Ed Syllabus.   

Main SectionsImportant Topics
B.Ed Syllabus: Childhood and Growing UpDevelopment and Learning
Learning as a Developing Individual
Understanding Childhood in Socio-Cultural Perspectives
Adolescence: Issues and Concerns
Stages of Child Development; Implications for Teachers
B.Ed Syllabus: Language Across CurriculumLanguage Background of students
Informational Reading and Writing
Nature of Classroom Discourse
B.Ed Syllabus: Understanding ICT and ApplicationsIntroduction to Information and Communication Technology
ICT for Assessment and Management
ICT and Pedagogy
Primary School Engagement
Pedagogy of School Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
B.Ed Syllabus: Learning and TeachingUnderstanding Learning
Understanding the Learner
Learning from a Constructivist Perspective
Teaching as a Profession
Understanding Teaching
Pedagogy of School Subjects like English, Mathematics, Physical Science, etc
B.Ed Syllabus: Knowledge and CurriculumForms of Knowledge and its Organization in Schools
Curriculum Development at School Level
Curriculum Determinants and Considerations
Curriculum Implementation and Renewal
B.Ed Syllabus: Assessment for LearningOverview of Assessment and Evaluation
The Procedure of Assessment
Context of Assessment
Issues and Directions Regarding Examination Reforms
Gender InclusiveMaking a classroom that does not differentiate on the basis of gender. Providing knowledge about the gender discrimination that happens in the country and how to solve them.
Arts in EducationStudy of Visual Arts and Crafts, Performing Arts in the curriculum and to know about their importance. 
Self UnderstandingUnderstanding Professional Self and Ethics to implement them in the real world. Teaching the role of the Teacher in the Development of students. 
Language English
No. of Pages4
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B.ED Entrance Exam Syllabus PDF Free Download

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