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AutoCAD Commands Shortcut Key List

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD can be defined as the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, and optimization of a design. In this, we can create both 2D and 3D drawings used in construction and manufacturing.

It was developed by John Walker in 1982 with the help of AUTODESK and maintained it successfully.

It is most commonly used for creating and modifying 2D & 3D designs for professional drafting with detailed measurement information about the conceptual design and layout of the product, also available in 14 different languages with respect to location.

Users can customize the CAD software with available add-on apps as per project requirements. User-specialized tool settings can be done to view and design products in wireframe and surface modeling.

Widely preferred in the industries of mechanical, telecom, civil, and architectural engineering. It stands in demand to students and industries because of its requirements.

Below, you’ll find an abbreviated list of commands that can be used in AutoCAD.

Toggle General Features

Ctrl+GToggle Grid
Ctrl+ECycle isometric planes
Ctrl+FToggle running object snaps
Ctrl+HToggle Pick Style
Ctrl+Shift+HToggle Hide pallets
Ctrl+IToggle Coords
Ctrl+Shift+IToggle Infer Constraints

Manage Screen

Ctrl+0 (zero)Clean Screen
Ctrl+1Property Palette
Ctrl+2Design Center Palette
Ctrl+3Tool Palette
Ctrl+4Sheet Set Palette
Ctrl+6DBConnect Manager
Ctrl+7Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl+8Quick Calc
Ctrl+9Command Line

Manage Drawings

Ctrl+NNew Drawing
Ctrl+SSave drawing
Ctrl+OOpen drawing
Ctrl+PPlot dialog box
Ctrl+TabSwitch to next
Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch to previous drawing
Ctrl+Page UpSwitch to previous tab in current drawing
Ctrl+Page DownSwitch to next tab in current drawing
Ctrl+Shift+SSave drawing as

Toggle Drawing Modes

F1Display Help
F2Toggle text screen
F3Toggle object snap mode
F4Toggle 3DOsnap
F5Toggle Isoplane
F6Toggle Dynamic UCS
F7Toggle grid mode
F8Toggle ortho mode
F9Toggle snap mode
F10Toggle polar mode
F11Toggle object snap tracking
F12Toggle dynamic input mode

Manage Workflow

Ctrl+ASelect all objects
Ctrl+CCopy object
Ctrl+KInsert hyperlink
Ctrl+XCut object
Ctrl+VPaste object
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy to clipboard with base point
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste data as block
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
Ctrl+YRedo last action
Ctrl+[Cancel current command (or ctrl+\)
ESCCancel current command


AARC / Creates an arc
ADCADCENTER / Manages and inserts content such as blocks, xrefs, and hatch patterns
AAAREA / Calculates the area and perimeter of objects or of defined areas
ALALIGN / Aligns objects with other objects in 2D and 3D
APAPP LOAD / Load Application
ARARRAY / Creates multiple copies of objects in a pattern
ARRACTRECORD / Starts the Action Recorder
ARMACTUSERMESSAGE / Inserts a user message into an action macro
ARUACTUSERINPUT / Pauses for user input in an action macro
ARSACTSTOP / Stops the Action Recorder and provides the option of saving the recorded actions to an action macro file
ATIATTIPEDIT / Changes the textual content of an attribute within a block
ATTATTDEF / Redefines a block and updates associated attributes
ATEATTEDIT / Changes attribute information in a block


BBLOCK / Creates a block definition from selected objects
BCBCLOSE / Closes the Block Editor
BEBEDIT / Opens the block definition in the Block Editor
BHHATCH / Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill
BOBOUNDARY / Creates a region or a polyline from an enclosed area
BRBREAK / Breaks the selected object between two points
BSBSAVE / Saves the current block definition
BVSBVSTATE / Creates, sets, or deletes a visibility state in a dynamic block


CCIRCLE / Creates a circle
CAMCAMERA / Sets a camera and target location to create and save a 3D perspective view of objects
CBARCONSTRAINTBAR / A toolbar-like UI element that displays the available geometric constraints on an object
CHPROPERTIES / Controls properties of existing objects
CHACHAMFER / Bevels the edges of objects
CHKCHECKSTANDARDS / Checks the current drawing for standards violations
CLICOMMANDLINE / Displays the Command Line window
COLCOLOR / Sets the color for new objects
COCOPY / Copies objects a specified distance in a specified direction
CTCTABLESTYLE / Sets the name of the current table style
CUBENAVVCUBE / Controls the visibility and display properties of the ViewCube tool
CYLCYLINDER / Creates a 3D solid cylinder


DDIMSTYLE / Creates and modifies dimension styles
DANDIMANGULAR / Creates an angular dimension
DARDIMARC / Creates an arc length dimension
DBADIMBASELINE / Creates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the baseline of the previous or selected dimension
DBCDBCONNECT / Provides an interface to external database tables
DCEDIMCENTER / Creates the center mark or the centerlines of circles and arcs
DCODIMCONTINUE / Creates a dimension that starts from an extension line of a previously created dimension
DCONDIMCONSTRAINT / Applies dimensional constraints to selected objects or points on objects
DDADIMDISASSOCIATE / Removes associativity from selected dimensions
DDIDIMDIAMETER / Creates a diameter dimension for a circle or an arc
DEDDIMEDIT / Edits dimension text and extension lines
DIDIST / Measures the distance and angle between two points
DIVDIVIDE / Creates evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or perimeter of an object
DJLDIMJOGLINE / Adds or removes a jog line on a linear or aligned dimension
DJODIMJOGGED / Creates jogged dimensions for circles and arcs
DLDATALINK / The Data Link dialog box is displayed
DLUDATALINKUPDATE / Updates data to or from an established external data link
DODONUT / Creates a filled circle or a wide ring
DORDIMORDINATE / Creates ordinate dimensions
DOVDIMOVERRIDE / Controls overrides of system variables used in selected dimensions
DRDRAWORDER / Changes the draw order of images and other objects
DRADIMRADIUS / Creates a radius dimension for a circle or an arc
DREDIMREASSOCIATE / Associates or re-associates selected dimensions to objects or points on objects
DRMDRAWINGRECOVERY / Displays a list of drawing files that can be recovered after a program or system failure
DSDSETTINGS / Sets grid and snap, polar and object snap tracking, object snap modes, Dynamic Input, and Quick Properties
DTTEXT / Creates a single-line text object
DVDVIEW / Defines parallel projection or perspective views by using a camera and target
DXDATAEXTRACTION / Extracts drawing data and merges data from an external source to a data extraction table or external file


EERASE / Removes objects from a drawing
EDDDEDIT / Edits single-line text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature control frames
ELELLIPSE / Creates an ellipse or an elliptical arc
EPDFEXPORTPDF / Exports drawing to PDF
EREXTERNALREFERENCES / Opens the External References palette
EXEXTEND / Extends objects to meet the edges of other objects
EXITQUIT / Exits the program
EXPEXPORT / Saves the objects in a drawing to a different file format
EXTEXTRUDE / Extends the dimensions of a 2D object or 3D face into 3D space


FFILLET / Rounds and fillets the edges of objects
FIFILTER / Creates a list of requirements that an object must meet to be included in a selection set
FSFSMODE / Creates a selection set of all objects that touch the selected object
FSHOTFLATSHOT / Creates a 2D representation of all 3D objects based on the current view


GGROUP / Creates and manages saved sets of objects called groups
GCONGEOCONSTRAINT / Applies or persists geometric relationships between objects or points on objects
GDGRADIENT / Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a gradient fill
GEOGEOGRAPHICLOCATION / Specifies the geographic location information for a drawing file


HHATCH / Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill
HEHATCHEDIT / Modifies an existing hatch or fill
HIHIDE / Regenerates a 3D wireframe model with hidden lines suppressed


IINSERT / Inserts a block or drawing into the current drawing
IADIMAGEADJUST / Controls the image display of the brightness, contrast, and fade values of images
IATIMAGEATTACH / Inserts a reference to an image file
ICLIMAGECLIP / Crops the display of a selected image to a specified boundary
IDID / Displays the UCS coordinate values of a specified location
IMIMAGE / Displays the External References palette
IMPIMPORT / Imports files of different formats into the current drawing
ININTERSECT / Creates a 3D solid, surface, or 2D region from overlapping solids, surfaces, or regions
INFINTERFERE / Creates a temporary 3D solid from the interferences between two sets of selected 3D solids
IOINSERTOBJ / Inserts a linked or embedded object


JJOIN / Joins similar objects to form a single, unbroken object
JOGDIMJOGGED / Creates jogged dimensions for circles and arcs


LLINE / Creates straight line segments
LALAYER / Manages layers and layer properties
LASLAYERSTATE / Saves restores, and manages named layer states
LEQLEADER / Creates a leader and leader annotation
LENLENGTHEN / Changes the length of objects and the included angle of arcs
LESSMESHSMOOTHLESS / Decreases the level of smoothness for mesh objects by one level
LILIST / Displays property data for selected objects
LOLAYOUT / Creates and modifies drawing layout tabs
LTLINETYPE / Loads, sets, and modifies linetypes
LTSLTSCALE / Changes the scale factor of linetypes for all objects in a drawing
LWLWEIGHT / Sets the current lineweight, lineweight display options, and lineweight units


MMOVE / Moves objects a specified distance in a specified direction
MAMATCHPROP / Applies the properties of a selected object to other objects
MEMEASURE / Joins similar objects to form a single, unbroken object
MEAMEASUREGEOM / Measures the distance, radius, angle, area, and volume of selected objects or sequence of points
MIMIRROR / Creates a mirrored copy of selected objects
MLMLINE / Creates multiple parallel lines
MLAMLEADERALIGN / Aligns and spaces selected multileader objects
MLCMLEADERCOLLECT / Organizes selected multi leaders that contain blocks into rows or columns, and displays the result with a single leader
MLDMLEADER / Creates a multileader object
MLEMLEADEREDIT / Adds leader lines to, or removes leader lines from, a multileader object
MLSMLEADERSTYLE / Creates and modifies multileader styles
MOPROPERTIES / Controls properties of existing objects
MOREMESHSMOOTHMORE / Increases the level of smoothness for mesh objects by one level
MSMSPACE / Switches from paper space to a model space viewport
MSMMARKUP / Opens the Markup Set Manager
MTMTEXT / Creates a multiline text object
MVMVIEW / Creates and controls layout viewports


NORTHGEOGRAPHICLOCATION / Specifies the geographic location information for a drawing file
NSHOTNEWSHOT / Creates a named view with motion that is played back when viewed with ShowMotion
NVIEWNEWVIEW / Creates a named view with no motion


OOFFSET / Creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves
OFFSETSRFSURFOFFSET/ Creates a parallel surface or solid by setting an offset distance from a surface
OPOPTIONS / Customizes the program settings
ORBIT / 3DO3DORBIT / Rotates the view in 3D space but constrained to horizontal and vertical orbit only
OSOSNAP / Sets running object snap modes


PPAN / Adds a parameter with grips to a dynamic block definition
PAPASTESPEC / Pastes objects from the Clipboard into the current drawing and controls the format of the data
PARPARAMETERS / Controls the associative parameters used in the drawing
PARAMBPARAMETER / Adds a parameter with grips to a dynamic block definition
PATCHSURFPATCH / Creates a new surface by fitting a cap over a surface edge that forms a closed loop
PCATTACHPOINTCLOUDATTACH / Inserts an indexed point cloud file into the current drawing
PEPEDIT / Edits polylines and 3D polygon meshes
PLPLINE / Creates a 2D polyline
POPOINT / Creates a point object
POFFHIDEPALETTES / Hides currently displayed palettes (including the command line)
POLPOLYGON / Creates an equilateral closed polyline
PONSHOWPALETTES / Restores the display of hidden palettes
PRPROPERTIES / Displays Properties palette
PREPREVIEW / Displays the drawing as it will be plotted
PRINTPLOT / Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file
PSPSPACE / Switches from a model space viewport to paper space
PSOLIDPOLYSOLID / Creates a 3D wall-like polysolid
PUPURGE / Removes unused items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing
PYRPYRAMID / Creates a 3D solid pyramid


QCQUICKCALC / Opens the QuickCalc calculator
QCUIQUICKCUI / Displays the Customize User Interface Editor in a collapsed state
QPQUICKPROPERTIES / Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing in preview images
QQSAVE / Saves the current drawing
QVDQVDRAWING / Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing using preview images
QVDCQVDRAWINGCLOSE / Closes preview images of open drawings and layouts in a drawing
QVLQVLAYOUT / Displays preview images of model space and layouts in a drawing
QVLCQVLAYOUTCLOSE / Closes preview images of model space and layouts in the current drawing


RREDRAW / Refreshes the display in the current viewport
RAREDRAWALL / Refreshes the display in all viewports
RCRENDERCROP / Renders a specified rectangular area, called a crop window, within a viewport
REREGEN / Regenerates the entire drawing from the current viewport
REAREGENALL / Regenerates the drawing and refreshes all viewports
RECRECTANG / Creates a rectangular polyline
REGREGION / Converts an object that encloses an area into a region object
RENRENAME / Changes the names assigned to items such as layers and dimension styles
REVREVOLVE / Creates a 3D solid or surface by sweeping a 2D object around an axis
ROROTATE / Rotates objects around a base point
RPRENDERPRESETS / Specifies render presets, reusable rendering parameters, for rendering an image
RRRENDER / Creates a photorealistic or realistically shaded image of a 3D solid or surface model
RWRENDERWIN / Displays the Render window without starting a rendering operation


SSTRETCH / Stretches objects crossed by a selection window or polygon
SCSCALE / Enlarges or reduces selected objects, keeping the proportions of the object the same after scaling
SCRSCRIPT / Executes a sequence of commands from a script file
SECSECTION / Uses the intersection of a plane and solids, surfaces, or mesh to create a region
SETSETVAR / Lists or changes the values of system variables
SLSLICE / Creates new 3D solids and surfaces by slicing, or dividing, existing objects
SNSNAP / Restricts cursor movement to specified intervals
SOSOLID / Creates solid-filled triangles and quadrilaterals
SPSPELL / Checks spelling in a drawing
SPESPLINEDIT / Edits a spline or spline-fit polyline
SPLSPLINE / Creates a smooth curve that passes through or near specified points
SPLANESECTIONPLANE / Creates a section object that acts as a cutting plane through 3D objects
SPLAYSEQUENCEPLAY / Plays named views in one category
SPLITMESHSPLIT / Splits a mesh face into two faces
SSMSHEETSET / Opens the Sheet Set Manager
STSTYLE / Creates, modifies, or specifies text styles
STASTANDARDS / Manages the association of standards files with drawings
SUSUBTRACT / Combines selected 3D solids, surfaces, or 2D regions by subtraction


TMTEXT / Creates a multiline text object
TATEXTALIGN / Aligns multiple text objects vertically, horizontally, or obliquely
TBTABLE / Creates an empty table object
TEDTEXTEDIT / Edits a dimensional constraint, dimension, or text object
THTHICKNESS / Sets the default 3D thickness property when creating 2D geometric objects
TITILEMODE / Controls whether paper space can be accessed
TOLTOLERANCE / Creates geometric tolerances contained in a feature control frame
TORTORUS / Creates a donut-shaped 3D solid
TPTOOLPALETTES / Opens the Tool Palettes window
TRTRIM / Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects
TSTABLESTYLE / Creates, modifies, or specifies table styles


UCUCSMAN / Manages defined user coordinate systems.
UNUNITS / Controls coordinate and angle display formats and precision.
UNHIDE / UNISOLATEUNISOLATEOBJECTS / Displays objects previously hidden with the ISOLATEOBJECTS or HIDEOBJECTS command.
UNIUNION / Unions two solid or two region objects.


VVIEW / Saves and restores named views, camera views, layout views, and preset views.
VGOVIEWGO / Restores a named view.
VPVPOINT / Sets the 3D viewing direction.
VPLAYVIEWPLAY / Plays the animation associated to a named view.
VSVSCURRENT / Sets the visual style in the current viewport.
VSMVISUALSTYLES / Creates and modifies visual styles and applies a visual style to a viewport.


WWBLOCK / Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file.
WEWEDGE / Creates a 3D solid wedge.
WHEELNAVSWHEEL / Displays a wheel that contains a collection of view navigation tools.


XEXPLODE / Breaks a compound object into its component objects.
XAXATTACH / Inserts a DWG file as an external reference (xref).
XBXBIND / Binds one or more definitions of named objects in an xref to the current drawing.
XCXCLIP / Crops the display of a selected external reference or block reference to a specified boundary.
XLXLINE / Creates a line of infinite length.


ZZOOM / Increases or decreases the magnification of the view in the current viewport.
ZEBRAANALYSISZEBRA / Projects stripes onto a 3D model to analyze surface continuity.
ZIPETRANSMIT / Creates a Self-Extracting or Zipped Transmittal Package.
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