An Advanced History of India

An Advanced History of India Book PDF Free Download

An Advanced History Of India Book PDF Free Download

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INDIA is the name given to the vast peninsula which the continent of Asia throws out to the south of the magnificent mountain ranges that stretch in a swordlike curve across the southern border of Tibet.

This huge expanse of territory, which deserves the name of a sub-continent, has the shape of an irregular quadrilateral.

Ancient geographers referred to it as being constituted with a four-fold conformation on its south and west and east in the Great Ocean.

The Himavat range stretches along its north like the string of a bow”. The lofty mountain chain in the north to which the name.

Himavat is applied in the above passage includes not only the snow-capped ridges of the Himalayas but also their loss elevated offshoots the Patkai.

Luahai and Chittagong Hills in the east, and the Sulaiman and Kirthar ranges in the west. These lead down to the sea and separate the country from the wooded valley of the Irrawaddy.

On the one hand and the hilly tableland of Iran on the other. Politically, the Indian empire as it existed before August 15, 1947.

Extended beyond these natural boundaries at several points and included not only Baluchistan beyond the Kirthar range, but also some smaller areas that lay scattered in the Bay of Bengal.

With the exception of the outlying territories beyond the seas, the whole of the vast region described above lay roughly between Long. 61° and 97 E. and Lat. 8° and 37 N.

Its greatest length was about 2,900 kilometers, and its breadth not less than 2,190 kilometers. The total area of the empire, excluding.

Burma which was constituted as a separate unit under the Government of Indis Act of 1935, might be put at 4,095,000 square kilometres and the population inhabiting it.

According to the census of 1941, the last taken before the creation of Pakistan, at about three hundred and eighty-nine million.

Ancient India book of R C Majumdar

H C Raychaudhary
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An Advanced History Of India Book PDF Free Download

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