Cheiro’s Book of Numbers

Cheiro’s Book of Numbers Book PDF Free Download

Cheiro's Book Of Numbers Book PDF Free Download

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THOUGH later in these pages the reader will find A how the single and compound numbers have each their particular meaning in connection with human life.

It is well at this stage to understand how and why the months have received their particular numbers The true solar year commences with the Sun’s entrance into.

The Vernal or Spring Equinox on the 21st to the 23rd day of March of every year and appears to pass through each sign of the Zodiac of 30 degrees each.

One after the other, taking tightly under 365 days in so doing, making our year popularly accepted as 365 days.

The Earth, revolving once upon its own axis hours, causes the whole of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac m their turn to pass over each portion of the Earth once every 24 hours.

The Moon revolves around the earth in a lunar month of 25 days This wonderful mechanism, if I may call it so, s anctly like the hour-band, minute-hand and second-hand of a clock each 24.

What is called the first agn of the Zodiac is the period of the number 9″ or the Zodiacal Sign of ARIES, from the 21st March to the 19th Apul It is ruled by the Planet Mars in its positive aspect and has the g for its number.

The “period of the number 6s the Zodiacal Sign of TAURUS from the 20th April to the poth May. It is ruled by the Planet Venus in its de aspect and has the 6 for sts number.

The “penned of the member 5” in the Zodiacal Sign of GEMINI, from the st May to the oth June. It is ruled by the planet Mercury in its pork aspect and has the s for its number.

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Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers Book PDF Free Download

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