My Reminiscences PDF By Rabindranath Tagore

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My Reminiscences By Rabindranath Tagore Book PDF Free Download

My Reminiscences By Rabindranath Tagore Book PDF Free Download

My Reminiscences

I know not who paints the pictures on mem story’s canvas; but whoever he may be, what he is painting are pictures.

By which I mean that he is not there with his brush simply to make a faithful copy of all that is happening. He takes in and leaves out according to his taste.

He makes many a big thing small and small thing big. He has no compunction inputting into the background that which was to the fore, or bringing to the front that which was behind.

In short, he is painting pictures, and not writing history.

Thus, over Life’s outward aspect passes the series of events, and within is being painted a set of pictures. The two correspond but are not one.

We do not get the leisure to view thoroughly this studio within us. Portions of it now and then catch our eye. but the greater part remains out of sight in the darkness. Why the ever-busy painter is painting; when he will have done: for what gallery his pictures are destined who can tell?

Some years ago, on being questioned as to the events of my past life. I had occasion to pry into this picture chamber.

I had thought to be content with selecting a few materials for my Life’s story. I then discovered, as I opened the door, that Life’s memories are not Life’s history, but the original work of an unseen Artist.

The variegated colors scattered about are not reflections of outside lights, but belong to the painter himself, and come passion-tinged from his heart.

Thereby unfitting the record on the canvas for use as evidence in a court of law.

But though the attempt to gather precise history from memory’s storehouse may be fruitless, there is a fascination in looking over the pictures, a fascination which cast its spell on me.

The road over which we journey, the wayside shelter in which we pause, does not picture while yet we travel they are too necessary, too obvious.

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My Reminiscences By Rabindranath Tagore Book PDF Free Download

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