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Greek philosophy, in fact, had its origin in the 6th century B.C. We are in perfect agreement with Prof. A. R. M. Murray.

That ‘the first philosophical thinking of any consequence took place in ancient Greece in the sixth century B.C.”

It was the Greeks of the 6th century B.C., who first sought in a determined and systematic fashion, to arrive at a conception of reality based on genuinely rational foundations.

They were a race of seekers after unknown Truth. The existence of everything under the sun aroused great curiosity and feeling of wonder in them and they accepted everything after a scientific investigation.

They never lost a child’s insatiable curiosity to know. “Ye Greeks are always boys; there is not an old man among you.

You are young in your souls.” With this curiosity of a child, they started to discover what is known as the ultimate reality of the physical universe.

Their search for ultimate reality represents the insatiable desire of man not to rest contented with the acceptance of the perceptual image of things as reality.

But to be ever in quest of the why and wherefore of this universe, the noumena veiled by phenomena, the ever-enduring principle or substance of which the outer world is the manifestation.

The outcome or the shadow. In our country, this spirit of inquiry tended to become more and more intuitional and spiritual.

The Aryans, apprehend the universe in all its immensity and infinitude that baffle the mind and paralyze the reason.

Felt that intuition and spiritual enlightenment alone could be the succor of man in the exploration of reality.

It may be said that, in general, the early inquiries of the Greeks were directed to answering the question “What is reality?

The first philosophers were impressed, above all, by the apparent complexity and irrationality of the universe, and they sought to find behind this appearance some relatively simple.

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