9th Class Maths Question Paper PDF

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CBSC Class 9 Mathematics Question Paper PDF Free Download

CBSC Class 9 Mathematics Question Paper

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1.   AB and CD are parallel sides of trapezium ABCD. Diagonals AC and BD intersect at O. prove that ar(ΔAOD) = ar(ΔBOC).

2.   If D is the mid .point of side BC of a ΔABC, P, and Q are two points lying respectively on the sides AB and BC such that DP is parallel to QA. Prove that ar(ΔCQP) = 1/2 ar(ΔABC).

3.   A rectangle is formed by joining the mid-points of the sides of a rhombus. Show that the area of a rectangle is half the area of the rhombus.

4.   In a parallelogram ABCD, AE is perpendicular to DC and CF is perpendicular to AD. If AB = 10 cm, AE = 6 cm, and CF = 8 cm, then find AD.

5.   The adjacent sides of a rectangle are 16 cm and 8 cm. Find the area of the rectangle.

6.   PQRS is a square. T and U are the mid-points of sides PS and QR respectively. Find the area of ΔOTS, if PQ= 8 cm, where O is the point of intersection of TU and OS.

7.   If two sides of one triangle are equal to two sides of another triangle and the contained angles are supplementary, show that the two sides are equal in area.

8.   In a trapezium ABCD where AB is parallel to CD, E is the mid-point of BC, prove that ΔAED = 1/2 trapezium ABCD.

9.   The area of triangle ABC is 15 cm sq. If ΔABC and a parallelogram ABPD are on the same base and between the same parallel lines then what is the area of parallelogram ABPD?

10.   The area of parallelogram PQRS is 88 cm sq. A perpendicular from S is drawn to intersect PQ at M. If SM = 8 cm, then find the length of PQ

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CBSC Class 9 Mathematics Question Paper Book PDF Free Download

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