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75 Hard Challenge

Be Thankful:

Start each day listing 20 things you’re thankful for, written or aloud If you are alive and breathing right now, you have a lot to be thankful for.

Suppose you are aware of all of those amazing things.

In that case, you’re more likely to appreciate them and maintain a positive and empowering outlook because of that.

Saying aloud, or writing, 20 things you’re grateful for every morning – will jumpstart your day in a
positive, empowering way and put you in a headspace of appreciation and strength regardless of what comes your way.

You can do it in the shower, while you’re making breakfast, or even while you’re in bed.


Remind yourself that you’re awesome: State 20 reasons why you’re awesome and 20 things that you are/do that you should keep doing.

We receive constant feedback (usually negative) and lists of things to improve daily.

However, how often do you get reminded of the positive things you do to maintain, reinforce, or double down on?

Nobody is perfect, and no one in this life will be, so focusing on imperfections to correct to reach
perfection is not only a dead-end effort but draining.

On the other hand, highlighting what is good, what is amazing, and what is done well to focus on and grow is a much more pleasant way to get closer to perfection.

Of course, you’re not going to get to perfection…but this approach will get you closer in a less soul-sucking way.

Imagine a garden, half crappy weeds and plants we hate, and half great plants with delicious fruits that we love.

Imagine if, instead of pulling the weeds to improve our garden (which is miserable), we simply watered the fruiting plants (much more enjoyable) so much that they grew over and overshadowed the plants we disliked.

We’d achieve the same result, a better garden, with a pleasant experience.

Of course, it’s still imperfect, but it’s better, and we enjoyed the process.

That’s what this exercise is about.

Every day, highlight 20 things that are awesome about you – on paper and out loud – to give yourself the credit you deserve and to remind yourself to keep doing them.

The ego boost will be nice, but you’ll remind yourself to “keep on keeping on” by continuing to do more of what makes you awesome.

That’s how you’re going to improve the “gardens” that are your mind, your body, and your life in a sustainable, fulfilling way.


Exercise for 2 days straight, 45 mins per day, take 1 day to stretch, rest, and recover then,
repeat For 75 days, we’ll program consistent and balanced “movement” into our lives – a balance between exercise and recovery By having an exercise plan of “2 on 1 off” – 2 days of exercise and 1 day of rest and stretching (mobility) and repeating – we have the stimulus to improve physically (exercise), we set aside time to recover while eating right, and we give attention to active recovery (stretching) – to rebuild the mobility and flexibility many of has lost in a lifetime of neglect.

How to move…

For your “movement” or exercise days, do any kind of movement that resonates with you for at least 45 minutes.

For example, if you want to walk the dog for 45 minutes, walk. If you want to hike, go hike.

Keep in mind that high-intensity interval training will burn the most fat and have the best cardio benefits.

However, simply building a long-term habit of moving daily is more valuable than pounds lost in the short term or doing a specific workout for 75 days.

Every 2 days, we move, and exercise will be balanced with a day of “active rest.” You’ll skip the workout, and you’ll do relaxing but beneficial stretching instead.

For any effective fitness regimen, you need rest. In an adequately intense fitness program, 2 days of exercise creates the right amount of stimuli (tissue damage, hormone production) to make good use of a day of recovery, helping us build strength and burn fat optimally.

With fitness over the 75 days, our goal isn’t destruction.

Our goal is strength, stamina, and mobility gains, and habits that support that in the long run.

This potential habit, training for 2 days, resting 1, and getting back to training, is a routine we can and should do into old age and indefinitely.

If this challenge programs in that routine, you’re winning For rest days, set a timer for 20 minutes and just stretch your trouble spots.

Then check your box on the challenge checklist for that day.

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