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Complete Book Of Woodworking

Any woodworker knows that shop time is cherished time. Woodworking is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while and make time slow down.

Even a few hours here and there spent turning boards into projects is a great way to reduce stress and explore your creative side.

Life seems a little simpler when you’re clamping up a drawer or brushing varnish on a new table. And few things are more satisfying than giving projects to those you love.

Our goal in creating A Complete Guide to Basic Woodworking was to compile a wealth of woodworking information in one source to save you time and effort Think of it as your all-in-one guide to learning the craft.

Whether you need a refresher course on making box joints, a few tips on which drill to buy, or a fresh design for a table project, you’ll find answers here.

We’ve packed these 300 pages with virtually everything you’ll need to get a shop set up make wise tool choices, and use them efficiently and safely.

You’ll learn how to buy lumber design new projects, assemble them in sensible ways and finish them We’ve even included 15 great projects with step-by-step directions and a full set of measured drawings just to cover all the bases

No matter what your shop needs maybe keep this convenient reference book right where you can thumb through it. Whatever your skill level.

we hope this book will take the hassle out of finding the woodworking knowledge you want So you can spend even more time actually woodworking.

WriterJohn & Jayce Nelson
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Woodworking Pdf Free Download

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