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‘Wh’ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download

Wh Questions with Answers

Wh Questions Examples With Answers PDF

Wh’ WordsUsageExample Sentences
WhoUsed to identify a person1. Who is she?
2. Who is responsible for the happening?
WhatUsed to identify a thing1. What is it?
2. What are the causes for the sudden hike in the petrol price?
WhereUsed to identify a place1. Where is she?
2. Where are you exactly meeting him?
WhichUsed to tell two (or more) things apart.1. Which bag is yours?
2. Which colour do you prefer?
WhenUsed to identify time1. When is your birthday?
2. When will the train arrive in the platform?
WhyUsed to identify a reason1. Why is she crying?
2. Why are you making them wait for so long?
WhoseUsed to identify possession1. Whose car is that?
2. Whose are these books?
whomasking what or which person or people1. Whom did you ask her to meet?
HowUsed to explain a way/method1. How did you make the cake?
2. How does this machine work?
How longUsed to explain length or duration1. How long is your holiday?
How much/manyUsed to identify quantity1. How much money do you have?
To ask for information and affirmation
   What is the problem now?
   What were you doing there?
   What are you afraid of?
To ask for the people or subject
   Who is your room partner?
   Who is responsible for war?
   Who will look after your son?
To ask for reason, cause or intention
   Why are you looking nervous?
   Why didn’t you call me yesterday?
   Why don’t you drive slowly?
To ask for place, position or location
   Where is your school?
   Where can I get my ticket?
   Where are your documents?
To ask for time
   When did he go to Africa?
   When should I return this book?
   When would you like to go there?
To ask for people or the object of verb
   Whom are you going to invite?
   Whom will you blame for this?
   Whom did he appoint for job?
To ask for possession or belongings
   Whose mobile is ringing here?
   Whose book is this?
   Whose camera was stolen in the party?
To ask for option or choice
   Which subject do you like most?
   Which book should I read now?
   Which of them is your sister?
To ask for manner, quality or condition
   How is he feeling now?
   How do you study Mathematics?
   How long will the battery last?
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‘Wh’ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download

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