Weapons of Mass Instruction By John Taylor Gotto PDF

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Weapons of Mass Instruction Book PDF Free Download

Weapons of Mass Instruction Book PDF Free Download

Weapons of Mass Instruction

I DEDICATE THIS BOOK to the great and difficult art of family building and to its artists, the homeschoolers in particular, but all forms represented for me by the finest family.

I ever saw the Hirchons of Plymouth, England, Brantford, Canada; and Union towa. Pennsylvania especially in the person of my darling friend of sixty-five years, Ronald Bright Hitchon.

Without Ron’s constant help and advice, this book and all my writing would never have happened. The Hitchon Historical Archive is kept by John Hitchon of Inverberry, Scotland.

Ron and his family have been my spirit friends since I was ten my models of transcendental excellence. His ancestor.

Richard Hitchens was lord mayor of Plymouth when the Mayflower sailed from its harbor another ancestor, John Bright was the troublemaker who helped give England free trade in 1846; his cousin.

Trevor Howard was my favorite movie actor as “The Outcast of the Islands, and as ferocious Lord Cardigan in Charge of the Light Brigade.

His uncle. Lava is a Bau Man who won the first Carnegie Medal for risking his own safety to save the lives of others.

His dad, Ted Hinchon, caught me in algebra. His mother. Virginia Bauman, hid me out when I played hooky with school and his dog. Heka. bir me where I hid).

At Cornell, his brother Larry stood sponsor for me as a fraternity pledge. His niece, Ginny advised merely on a reunion with my long-lost daughter, Briseis, in the orchid jungles of Chiapas, acting as her stand-in.

His nephew, Larry William, helped me understand the pernicious nonsense of Ivy League college degrees. His kids, Breta.

Lizzie Paul, and Geoffrey, allowed me to see what it could mean to have a sister or brother in lean times as well as fat.

His sons-in-law: Stephen, the young Colanera, and Richard, the young Calle opened my eyes to how gracefully families can merge.

His grandchildren Geoffrey, Courtenay, Shannon, Kathryn, Audrey, Mia, I-teacher, John, and Jessica, showed me the rich meaning behind the bittersweet glory of passing the torch.

AuthorJohn Taylor Gotto
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Weapons of Mass Instruction Book PDF Free Download

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