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UP Board Syllabus

English is a subject that is taught in all streams.

This topic has the potential to improve the overall percentage. Students who prepare effectively for the English exam will be able to achieve good results with little trouble.

The following is the UP board intermediate syllabus for 2023, as well as the English subject’s marking structure.

UP Board 12th English Syllabus 2023

SectionSyllabusMarking Scheme
Section AReading15
Section BWriting20
Section CGrammar25
Section DLiterature40

UP Board Class 12th Syllabus Physics 2023

Physics is a science that necessitates derivations and numerical calculations. As a result, in order to earn good grades, students must understand the fundamental concept underlying numerous theorems and derivations.

In order to understand this subject, it is necessary to review the UP board class 12 syllabus on a regular basis. Make an attempt to understand derivations and the logic behind them.

Examine the main subjects and the distribution of marks to ensure that you are prepared on time.

UP Board 12th Physics Syllabus 2023

Part A
1Static electricity08
2Electric current07
3Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism08
4Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents08
5Electromagnetic waves04
Part B
2Matter and dual nature06
3Atoms and nuclei08
4Electronic Devices08 

UP Board Class 12th Syllabus Chemistry 2023

Chemistry refers to the study of chemical reactions and various related topics. The organic portion might help you score very high on the UP board class 12 exam.

Organic chemistry is based on principles and is simple to grasp. Physical chemistry, on the other hand, involves formulae and numerical components.

The main themes of the UP board 12th syllabus, as well as the Chemistry marks distribution, are listed here.

UP Board 12th Chemistry Syllabus

1solid state5
4Chemical Kinetics5
5Surface Chemistry5
6p-block Elements7
7d and f-block elements4
8Coordination Compounds6
9Haloalkanes and Haloarenes5
10Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers5
11Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids6
12Amines (Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen)4

UP Board Class 12th Syllabus Biology 2023

Knowing the Biology UP board class 12 syllabus and the chapter-by-chapter marks distribution will undoubtedly assist you in achieving good results in Biology.

Understand the exam’s difficulty level by familiarising yourself with the UP 12th Biology curriculum. Set aside time to study biology because it is a high-scoring topic.

As a result, students need to commit more time to study for the exam in order to achieve a good mark.

UP Board 12th Biology Syllabus 2023

2Genetics and evolution18
3Biology & human welfare14
4Biotechnology and its applications10
5Ecology and environment14

UP Board Class 12th Maths Syllabus 2023

Math is perceived by students as one of the most difficult topics, yet it is not. Regularly practicing and calculating questions will aid candidates in understanding the fundamental concepts and achieving good scores. In case of uncertainty, students should consult the UP board class 12 maths solution.

UP Board 12th Maths Syllabus 2023

S. No.Name of the UnitMarks
1.Relations and functions10
4.Vectors and three-dimensional Geometry17
5.Linear Programming06

How to download UP Board Class 12th Reduced Syllabus 2023?

By following the guidelines provided below, students can get the UP Board class 12th Syllabus pdf: 

Step 1: Candidates must first visit the UP Board’s official website, upmsp.edu.in. 
Step 2: Go to the main page top and click the Syllabus link. 
Step 3: The course schedule for each subject and class will be displayed in the following window. 
Step 4: Students can download it for exam preparation.

How to Prepare with UP Board 12th Syllabus 2023?

  • Get familiar with each topic mentioned in the UP Board Class 12 syllabus 2023.
  • Try to make notes on important topics and formulae to revise them quickly.
  • Solve as many UP board 12th model papers 2023 as possible. This will help in knowing the type of questions asked.
  • Analyze the timetable and cover the entire syllabus at least one month before the exams. Also, dedicate proper time to revise the UP board 12th syllabus 2023 to keep the topics remembered.
  • Work strongly on high-weightage topics properly as maximum questions are asked from these topics.
  • Go through the UP board 12th preparation tips to know the tips and tricks for exam preparation.
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UP Board Syllabus PDF Free Download

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