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Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Life Among The Lowly Book PDF Free Download


NE chilly day in February, two gentlemen were sitting in a well-furnished room, in a Kentucky town, discussing some subject with great earnestness One of the parties, however, did not seem to be a ness. gentleman when critically examined.

He was short and thick-set, with coarse features and a swaggering air; ungrammatical and sometimes profane in his speech.

His companion, Mr. Shelby, had the appearance of a gentleman, and the arrangements of the house indicated easy and even opulent circumstances.

“That is the way I should arrange the matter,” said Mr. Shelby.

“I can’t make a trade that way-I positively can’t, Mr. Shelby,” said the other.

“Why, the fact is, Haley, Tom is an uncommon fellow; he is certainly worth that sum anywhere, steady, honest, capable, manages my whole farm like a clock.”

“You mean honest, as niggers go,” said Haley. “No; I mean, really, Tom is a good, steady, sensible, pious fellow.

He got religion at a camp meeting, four years ago; and I believe he really did get it. I’ve trusted him, since then, with everything I have,-money, house, horses, and let him come and go round the country; and I always found him true and square in everything.”

“Some folks don’t believe there is pious niggers, Shelby,”

said Haley. “Well, Tom’s got the real article, if ever a fellow had,” rejoined the other. “Why, last fall, I let him go to Cin Cincinnati alone, to do business for me and bring home five hundred dollars.

I am sorry to part with Tom. You ought to let him cover the whole balance of the debt; and you would, Haley if you had any conscience.”

“Well, I’ve got just as much conscience as any man in the business can afford to keep; but this, yer see, is a little too hard on a fellow-a little too hard.”

The trader sighed contemplatively. “Well, then, Haley, how will you trade?” said Mr. Shel by, after an uneasy interval of silence.

“Well, haven’t you a boy or gal that you could throw in with Tom?” “Hum!-none that I could well spare.

I don’t like parting with any of my hands, that’s a fact.” Here the door opened, and a small quadroon boy, between four and five years of age, entered the room.

AuthorHarriet Beecher Stowe
Language English
No. of Pages332
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Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Life Among The Lowly Book PDF Free Download

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