Twenty Love Poems And A Song Of Despair PDF

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Twenty Love Poems And A Song of Despair PDF Free Download

Twenty Love Poems And A Song Of Despair Book PDF Free Download

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Body of a Woman

Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs, you look like a world, lying in surrender. My rough peasant’s body digs into you and makes the son leap from the depth of the earth.

Iwan alone like a tunnel. The birds ried from me,

and night swanped me with its crushing invasion.

To survive myself forged you like a weapon,

like an accou in my bow, a stone in my sling.

But the hour of vengeance talls, and a love you. Body of skin, of moss, at eager and firm milk. Oh the goblets of the breast Ob the eyes of absence! On the pink coses of the pubín! Ch your voice, slow and sad!

Body of my woman, = will persist in your grace.

My things, soundless denize. my shifting roads

Dark River beds where the eternal thirst flows

and wearinnar follows, and the infinite ache…

The Light Wraps You

The light wraps you in its mortal flane. Abstracted pale mourner, standing that way against the old propellers of twilight that revolves around you.

Speechless, my riend. alone in the loneliness of this hour of the dead and filled with lives of fire, and pure best of the ruined der.

A bough of truit Falls from the pun on your dark garment The great roots of night grow suddenly from your soul, and the things that hide in you come out again so that a blue and pallid porple,

your newly born, Lakes nour shinese

pb magnificent and secund and magnetic slave of the scale that moves in such through black and gold: Tise, lead and possess a creation 30 zich in life that its flowers beach and it is full of sadness.

AuthorPablo Neruda
PDF Size73.2 MB


Twenty Love Poems And A Song of Despair Book PDF Free Download

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