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The Westing Game English Book PDF Free Download

The Westing Game - English Book PDF Free Download

The Westing Game

1 Ghost or Worse

In September fira the chosen ones (and the mistake) moved in. A wire fence had been erected along the north side of the building on it a sign warned: NO TRESPASSING Property of the Westing store.

The newly paved driveway curved sharply and doubled back on itself rather than breach the city-county line. Sunset Towers stood at the far edge of town.

On September second Shan Hoe’s Restaurant, specializing in southern Chinese cuisine, held its grand opening, Only three people came.

It was indeed, an exclusive neighborhood; too exclusive for Mr. Hoo However, the less expensive coffee shop that:

Opened on the parking lot was kept busy serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to tenants ordering and to workers from nearby Westingtown.

Now & was the de end of Cebes À cold raw wind-whipped dead slaves alsa the ankles of the four people grouped in the Sunset Towers driveway, but nes one of them shivered.

The stocky, broad-shouldered man in the docemuan’s alarm, selling with leat great, lets on cups, w* Sandy McSouthers.

The rows plus, m high school seniors, swllag ther ever against the winning chill. were Theo Theskeaks and Dove Hoc.

AuthorEllen Raskin
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CategoryFiction & Novel


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The Westing Game English Book PDF Free Download

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