The Book Of Margery Kempe PDF By R W Chambers

The Book Of Margery Kempe Book PDF Free Download

The Book Of Margery Kempe Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

Here beginneth a short treatise and a comfortable, for sinful wretches.

Wherein they may have a great solace and comfort to themselves and understand the high and unspeakable mercy of our Sovereign Savi our Christ Jesus.

Whose Name be worshipped and magnified without end, Who now in our days to us unworthy, deigneth to exercise.

His nobility and goodness All the works of Our Saviour be for our example and instruction, and what grace that He worketh in any creature is our profit if lack of chanty is not our hindrance.

And therefore, by the leave of our merciful Lord Christ Jesus, to the magnifying of His holy Name, Jesus Christ, this little treatise shall treat somewhat in part of His wonderful works.

How mercifully, how benignly and how charitably He moved and stirred a sinful caitiff unto His love, which sinful castoff many years were in will and purpose.

Thorough stirring of the Holy Ghost, to follow the Saviour, making great promises of fasting with many other deeds of penance.

And ever she was turned back in time of temptation, like unto the reed-spear which boweth with every wand, and never is stable unless no wind bloweth, unto the time that our merciful Lord Christ Jesus.

Having pity and compassion on His handiwork and His creature, turned health into sickness, prosperity into adversity, worship into reproof, and love into hatred.

Thus everything turning upside down, this creature. who for many years had gone astray and ever been unstable, was perfectly drawn and stirred to enter the way of high perfection.

Which perfect way Christ Our Saviour, in His proper Person, exampled Earnestly He trod it and duly He went it aforetime.

AuthorR W Chambers
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The Book Of Margery Kempe Book PDF Free Download

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