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The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

No movement can be remembered in world history that has so rapidly and completely captured the imagination of the entire human race as the Green Movement which began about twenty-five years ago.

In 1972 the world’s first nationwide Green Party was founded in New Zealand. Since then the movement did not look back.

We have shifted from an hopefully irreversibly mechanistic view to a holistic and ecological view of the world.

It is as revolutionary a change in human conceptions as that introduced by Copernicus who taught mankind in the sixteenth century that the Earth and other planets revolved around the Sun.

For the first time in human history, there is a growing awareness around the world that the Earth itself is a living organism, a vast being of which we are a part.

It has its own metabolic needs and vital processes that must be respected and protected. The vital signs of the earth show that the health of the patient is declining.

We have begun to understand our moral obligations to be good stewards of the planet and responsible trustees of the legacy for future generations.

The concept of sustainable development was popularized by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987.

In its report, it defined the idea as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, that is, without depriving the natural world of the resources that future generations will need.”

At the zoo in Lusaka, Zambia, there is a cage with a notice written on it. Most dangerous animal in the world.

There is no animal inside the cage but a mirror where you can see yourself.

Thanks to the efforts of several agencies in different countries, there is now a new awareness about the most dangerous animal in the world.

They have realized the wisdom of changing from a system based on domination to a system based on partnership.

Scientists have cataloged about 1.4 million living species with which mankind shares the earth.

Estimates regarding the number of living species still unlisted vary widely—biologists believe that there are anywhere from about three independent species to over a hundred million other living species still lurking unnamed in the dark.

One of the early international commissions, which dealt with the question of, inter alia, the Ecology Commission, consisting of members and environment, Brandt was a distinguished Indian, one of whom was Mr. L.K. Were. Jha.

The First Brandt Report raised the question – “Will we leave to our heirs a scorched planet of rising deserts, degraded landscapes and an ailing environment?

Mr. Lester R. Brown in his thoughtful book. The Global Economic Prospect states that Earth’s four major biological systems—fisheries, forests, grasslands, and croplands—form the foundation of the global economic system.

In addition to our food supply, these four systems provide almost all raw materials for industry except minerals and petroleum-derived synthetics.

In large areas of the world, human claims on these systems are reaching unsustainable levels. The point where their productivity starts to deteriorate.

When this happens, fisheries die out, grasslands turn into barren wastelands. à Degradation, forests and crop lands are degraded.

In a protein conscious and protein hungry world. Excessive fishing per day is common.

In poor countries, local forests are being destroyed to obtain firewood for cooking.

In some places, firewood has become so expensive that “what goes down the pot now costs more than what goes into it”.

Because in the words of Dr. Myers, there is a tropical forest.

The “powerhouse of evolution”, many species of life are facing extinction as a result of its destruction.

It is rightly said that forests precede mankind; Desert chase.

The world’s ancient heritage of tropical forests is now being lost at a rate of forty to fifty million acres per year, and die tet cultivation, which uses cow dung for burning, deprives the soil of an important natural fertilizer.

The World Bank estimates that a five-fold increase in the rate of afforestation is needed in the year 2000 to cope with the expected demand for fuel wood.

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