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Tata Tiscon

Launched in 2000, Tata Tiscon is India’s first rebar brand to launch TMT rebars with technological support from Morgan, USA.

As India’s leading rebar brand, the cornerstone of Tata Tiscon is constant innovation and the development of radical solutions in its business.

Constantly evolving technological innovation, manufacturing excellence, and superior quality have helped Tata Tiscon acquire the coveted status of India’s only rebar ‘Superbrand’.

Built on a foundation of trust, Tata Steel was integrated as Asia’s first private steel company by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in 1907. Commitment to innovation & sustainable growth is the hallmark of Tata Steel.

Tata Steel serves a global market with operations across 26 countries, a commercial presence in more than 50 countries, & employees across 5 continents.

A global leader, Tata Steel remains the lowest-cost producer of steel in Asia.

TMT Bar (MM)Price Per KG
Tata Tiscon sd 8mm Price TodayRs. 102
Tata Tiscon sd 10mm Price TodayRs. 100
Tata Tiscon sd 12mm Price TodayRs. 99
Tata Tiscon sd 16mm Price TodayRs. 101
Tata Tiscon sd 20mm Price TodayRs. 101
Tata Tiscon sd 25mm Price TodayRs. 101

Tata Steel Rod Price Today Per Piece

TMT Bar (MM)Price Per Piece
Tata Steel 8mm Price TodayRs. 472
Tata Steel 10mm Price TodayRs. 727
Tata Steel 12mm Price TodayRs. 1030
Tata Steel 16mm Price TodayRs. 1835
Tata Steel 20mm Price TodayRs. 2870
Tata Steel 25mm Price TodayRs. 4477

TATA Tiscon Price List 2022 PDF – TMT Bar Price Per Ton

Tata Tiscon TMT Bar (MM)Price Per PMT
Tata TMT bar 8mm price todayRs. 103,000
Tata TMT bar 10mm price todayRs. 103,000
Tata TMT bar 12mm price todayRs. 101,800
Tata TMT bar 16mm price todayRs. 101,800
Tata TMT bar 20mm price todayRs. 101,800
Tata TMT bar 25mm price todayRs. 101,800
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TATA Tiscon Price List PDF Free Download

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