Tamil Nadu Arm’s (Gun) Licence Application Form PDF

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Tamil Nadu Arm’s (Gun) Licence Application Form PDF Free Download

Tamil Nadu Arm’s (Gun) Licence Application Form

Arms Act of 1959 allows citizens of India to get Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) guns. NPB licenses can be issued to anyone of Indian Nationality who can claim a licensee status under the following:

  • Self Defence – Individuals who could be prone to being attacked for reasons including being wealthy, being under threat, etc.
  • General Security – which includes the provision of security for Banks, Institutions, etc. This can also cover the gunmen and protection squad of VVIPs and politicians.
  • Crop Protection – Those who have agricultural or similar lands that need protection from Non-Scheduled pests and vermin, like boars, etc.
  • Sports Shooting – Those under sports shooting discipline who need guns for sports purposes.
  • Returning NRI – Any Indian who is returning to India and has owned a gun in his foreign residence for over 2 years, can apply for an Indian license and bring back the gun they owned abroad.
  • Foreign National Status – Any foreign National is allowed to own and bear arms for a maximum period of 6 months during their stay in Tamil Nadu, given valid reasons.

Documents Required to get a gun license (firearm license) in Tamil Nadu

The following are the documents required for getting a gun license in Tamil Nadu.

  1. Two passport-size copies of the latest photograph of the applicant (in white background):- to be submitted at the time of appointment
  2. Proof of date of birth
  3. Proof of identification -Aadhar Card or in case the applicant does not have an Aadhar Card, a written declaration to be submitted in the form of an Affidavit along with an alternative identification proof which may include a voter identification Card, PAN Card, or Identity Card issued to the employees.
  4. Residence Proof: In case the applicant does not possess an Aadhar Card or Passport, which may include a Voter ID Card or Electricity bill Landline telephone bill Rent deed Lease deed or property documents, or any other documents to the satisfaction of the Licensing Authority.
  5. Firearm training certificate in form S-1 (whenever made applicable by the Central Government by passing a general or special order);
  6. Safe use and storage of firearms undertaking in(Form S-2).
  7. Self-attested copies of the educational and professional qualification certificates from professional category applicants as specified in clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of rule 12 of the Arms Rules, 2016.
  8. Medical certificates about mental health and physical fitness in form S-3, issued by a registered MBBS Doctor on prescribed proforma.
  9. Self-attested copy of the proof of date of birth (e.g. Matriculation Certificate or School leaving certificate, Passport, etc.).
  10. in case of protection for destruction of wild animals which do injury to human beings or cattle and damage to crops, permit from the authority empowered under the Wild Life (Protection ) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972).
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Tamil Nadu Arm’s (Gun) Licence Application Form PDF Free Download

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