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Tambola Tickets

Tambola is a number-based game. Though it is a very popular game for some people, it’s a new game.

People generally ask What is Tambola or What is a Tambola game? The host/organisor (or a player) picks a number randomly and calls out the Number/CUE one at a time.

Players are given cards/tickets with numbers written on them. If the announced number is present on a player’s card then player strikes out that Number on their tickets. It is played in Parties, Kitty Party, Clubs, events, at home.

It is a flexible game in terms of a number of players, rules, and prizes.

A number of players can be from 3 to 10 to 100 to 1000 or even more. Rules & prizes can be twisted depending on host and making it more fun.

Players play it with 1 or more cards/tickets simultaneously sometimes. While playing with family and friends during night or after dinner people call it a tombola night.

Create free tombola cards and tickets based on numbers, word/themes for your event, club, party.

Create designer, colorful, classic cards. Cards are saved for sometime only and may not be available for later use.

You can copy existing Saved Cards. Be creative and make your own tombola cards. Custom tombola cards can be created easily.

Create and generate tombola cards in PDF format. Here, in tambola card maker, it can be used to make tombola cards with the words of your choice.

Tambola cards can be used for just about any content area, it can be used as an educational fun game for a school activity or as Quiz where Teachers put up a Question/Hint and layers/students strike answers on the tombola card.

Host/teacher calls out the definition and students then identify the word in their respective tambola cards.

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Tambola Lotto Housie Ticket PDF Free Download

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