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Your day of reporting starts with the reception as per the details given in call letter/ SMS sent to you, a reception is organised for all candidates at the railway station.

You have to report to the Movement Control Office (MCO) at the time and date given in call letter/SMS.

Here a representative of the SSB manning the reception will receive you and direct you to a bus that will take you to SSB.

Candidates arriving late or by road/air should proceed directly on their own and report to the SSB. On your arrival at the SSB, you will be given sufficient time to settle down.


The first organised event at the SSB is the opening address.

The duty officer gives and introductory talk, explains matters of administration arrangements, the DOs and Don’ts at the SSB and the routine at SSB in the brief for the next five days. Listen carefully to what he says.


 After the opening address Documentation check is the next event. You are required to produce your original certificates for verification and fill up certain forms like the TA form on the reporting day itself.

You will also be allotted chest numbers for your Stage I testing.


Morning of the Day 1 begins with the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test.

The test would start early, so ensure that you have a good night sleep and wake up in time to be ready for the tests.

The tests themselves include verbal and non-verbal tests which require simple and analytical reasoning.


The second test of Day 1 is Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP&DT). During this test a picture is flashed on screen for 30 seconds and candidates have to broadly note down certain basic parameters i.e. No of characters, their age, sex, mood and thereafter write a story relating to the situation in the picture.

A story that could cover, what according to the candidate’s perception led to the situation in the picture, its present and future development? The time allotted for the story to be written down is 4 minutes.


In this test the picture and your stories would be discussed in a group. For this phase the batch is divided in small groups. The strength of a group is around fifteen candidates.

To start the Group Discussion, each candidate would be required to narrate his perception and individual written story.

Subsequently, candidates will discuss among themselves and achieve a common consensus about the characters and the theme of the story.


 Once all candidates have undergone this stage the results of Stage I are declared.

Successful candidates are retained for Stage II testing and the balance are asked to leave after a short brief on general shortcomings.

The candidates are provided with lunch and transport to go to the railway station.

Candidates will also be paid the entitled Travelling Allowance for AC 3 tier class. This travelling allowance is paid to candidates appearing for the first time in SSB on production of the original tickets.


The candidates retained for further testing in Stage 2 will be divided into groups of eight to ten candidates. Each candidate will be allotted a new chest number.

It is important to remember that you are not competing with other candidates, all of you will be assessed against the common standard of suitability and it is possible that everyone in the group is selected or rejected.

You will require to fill up Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) with correct and exact details about your life. In case of a large batch some of you may find yourself facing Interviewing Officer in the evening of same day.


 The second day sees the testing in the earnest and begins with the onset of Psychological Assessment.

The candidates are taken through a series of situations projected as words, pictures and narrated situations. The reaction timings are stringent to bring in natural and subconscious behavioral pattern of individual.

As the Psych tests takes time and one has to be fresh and natural, the tests are started early in the morning.

Before the tests are administered you will be briefed by the Psychologist about the various tests you have to undergo, also before you undergo actual tests you will be familiarises with the example tests of each type.

Psych test are administered on candidates to access the psychological profile acceptable for candidates of particular age group.


The first test among the battery of Psych tests is the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). In this test a total of 12 pictures including a blank picture will be shown for 30 seconds each, one after the other.

Candidates are asked to write story around the picture shown, covering issues like what led to the situation, what is going on and what would be the outcome of the situation perceived in the picture.

The picture is selected in a manner to allow your creative mind to evolve a number of stories. No story is correct or wrong, what matters is it must be a story triggered in your mind by the picture. Remember that the picture is shown only for 30 seconds and then you are asked to write about the picture within four minutes.

In the blank picture, you have to imagine a picture of your own choice and write a story around that.

Since the timings are stringent you are advised to write the story that occurs to you first on seeing the picture, that way your response will be natural and you will be able to write the entire story within the limited time available to you.


The next psych test is the Word Association Test (WAT). In this test a total of 60 words are shown to the candidates. Each word is flashed on the screen for 15 seconds.

The candidate is required to write down the first thought or idea that comes to his mind on seeing the word in the space provided in the 15 seconds before the next word is flashed.

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SSB Interview Complete Guide PDF Free Download

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