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Spanish English And English Spanish Commercial Dictionary

IN compiling this commercial dictionary, the aim has been to include all the words and expressions which are generally used in commerce, excluding those which do not come under this category.

That the work is thoroughly up to date will be readily seen by reference to such words as “wireless telegraphy, Marconigram, airplane, typist, taxi-cab, underground railway, etc..”

which are not to be found in most Spanish-English dictionaries published hitherto.

Many difficulties have been encountered in the preparation of this work, and the greatest of these was that constituted by words of doubtful etymology or words borrowed from other languages.

Some words are used in commerce, particularly with the Spanish Americas, which are not recognized by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

If such words were excluded entirely from a commercial dictionary, they would lose much of their practical utility and value as a reference.

Moreover, it frequently happens that words that are first introduced by commercial men are admitted into the language in course of time.

In the present work, it has been deemed expedient to include many such important words; and in cases where they are purely local.

or South-American, a note to that effect has been given.

Like ourselves, the Spaniards employ many words which they have borrowed or adapted from the French, such as a garage, chauffeur, Bon marché, débul, buffet, grippe, etc.; and many others relating to articles of dress, such as crepe (Spanish version: crepé), moiré, etc.

From the English language, the Spaniards have also borrowed many words. such as” bar (in a public-house), club, detective, inch, jersey. sweater (garment), lock-out (in trade disputes), etc., record, reporter, trust (an industrial combine), hall, arrowroot, etc.. etc.”

They have, of course, their own versions of many of these words (e.g.. buffet, bar; Circulo, or Equipo, club: pulgada. inch; salón, hall; etc.).

There are also certainly coined or adapted versions of English words, such as boicotar (or boi coffee), to boycott; interviñ, interview: interviewer, to interview: main, meeting, etc.

The English word stock is extensively used by Spaniards in commerce and is sometimes spelled stok, but their own word existence is more general.

Many of these adapted words are included in the present work and, in most cases, are italicized to show that they are not recognized Spanish words.

Spanish spelling offers little difficulty as a rule, but attention might be called to words beginning with the prefixes Frans, ob, and sub.

The ” of trans, and the “b” of ob and sub, are often dropped, and thus one may write trans Porte or transport, obscure or Oscuro, subscriber or suscribir; etc.

There is likewise some confusion between the prefixes “ex” and “es,” and one often meets with estraño for extraño, strangers for extranjero, etc.

The use of the dash and brackets may be briefly explained. The dash represents the keyword, or the word in heavy type, and means: “repeat.”

The brackets are used in some instances to contain the preposition which is required by a certain verb or adverb: in other cases, they contain an alternative or additional rendering, and sometimes they contain words explanatory to the type.

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Spanish English And English Spanish Commercial Dictionary PDF Free Download

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