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Space Marine Codex

Each Space Marine belongs to a Chapter, an independent fighting force. Over a thousand Chapters exist, all with unique heraldry and visually strong colour schemes.

There are few more impressive sights on the tabletop than a fully painted Space Marine army arrayed for war.

For any hobbyist, this is an incredible opportunity to make their army their own, experimenting with their favourite colours and delving into their imagination to invent epic origin stories and tales of victories for their warriors.

For those who find the pull of narrative play impossible to resist, this Codex includes bespoke additions to the Crusade Forces rules found in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book, tailored to the Space Marines

This book is replete with stunning artwork and glorious photography, showcasing the Space Marines in all their grim might and terrifying splendour.

Each has a story to tell about the Adeptus Astartes, whether it be of their bravery, sacrifice, traditions, organisation or how they wage war. Each is but a glimpse into the lives and ways of the defenders of Humanity, and a source of inspiration.

In this book, you’ll find all the rules you need to field a mighty army of Space Marines, including datasheets for every model in the range, and a collection. of Warlord Traits, Psychic disciplines, Stratagems and Relics.

With such invaluable intelligence, you’ll soon be able to transform your collection of Space Marines Citadel miniatures into a truly formidable fighting force, one both worthy of the title Adeptus Astartes and able to strike terror into the hearts of your foes.

Combat Patrol is the smallest size game, and the Space Marine force below is a great way to start – regardless of whether you want to play an open play game, forge a narrative with a Crusade army, or compete in a matched play mission.

Created from the contents of the Warhammer 40,000 Elite Edition Starter Set, this force can be used in a Battle-forged army, and in itself comprises a Patrol Detachment, as described in the Warhammer 40,000 Core book.

On the battlefield, the Assault Intercessors are a resilient and hard-hitting Troops unit, more than able to contend with the warriors of other armies. As part of a Battle-forged army, this unit will also gain the Objective Secured ability, as described on page 93, enabling them to hold on to objectives even when outnumbered by the foe – a likely prospect for an elite army such as Space Marines.

When the Assault Intercessors are bolstered by the Primaris Captain’s Rites of Battle ability, they become a truly formidable force in melee.

The Primaris Captain is himself equipped to excel in the cut and thrust of close combat, capable of slaying all but the most titanic of foes whilst his relic shield affords him some of the best protection available.


Honorifics are a new type of Battle Honour that can be given to ADEPTUS ASTARTES CAPTAIN units. When such a unit from your army would gain a Battle Honour, you can instead choose for it to gain one of the Honorifics listed below.

You cannot give an Honorific to a unit from the Deathwatch Chapter or the Space Wolves Chapter (or any of its successor Chapters).

Each CAPTAIN unit can only have a single Honorific, and your Order of Battle cannot include more than one such unit from the same Chapter with the same Honorific (e.g. you cannot have two BLOOD ANGELS CAPTAIN units with the Master of the Watch Honorific, or two SILVER SKULLS CAPTAIN units with the Master of Recruits Honorific).

As with any Battle Honour, make a note on the unit’s Crusade card when it gains an Honorific, and increase its Crusade points total by 1. If a CAPTAIN unit from your army is upgraded to be a Chapter Master using the Chapter Command Requisition (pg 1 16), that unit loses any Honorific it has (if so, its Crusade points are reduced by 1).

Master of The Keep

Master of The Marches

In some Chapters, the 1st Company Captain serves as Master of the Keep.

These mighty warriors may serve as the Chapter Master’s second in command, be responsible for the Chapter’sfortress monastery and speak to the Chapter Master in his absence.

This warrior oversees the deployment of all the Chapter’s assets, in addition to their role as Captain of the 5th Company.

In so doing they hear all pleas for the Chapter’s aid, dismissing those he deems the most unworthy before presenting those that remain to the Chapter Master.

Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield when you use an Adeptus Astartes Battle Tactic Stratagem (pg 102), that Stratagem costs O Command points.

If this unit is part of your Crusade army and you are using the Strategic Reserves rule, you can halve the Command point cost required to place units into Strategic Reserves (rounding fractions down).

You can find out more about the Strategic Reserves rule in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book.

Master of The Watch

1he Captain of the 2nd Company is often responsible for the defence of the Chapter’s home world. They are heavily involved with system-wide defence and intelligence assessment of threats to their Chapter’s seat of power.

Regardless of how much a Chapter involves itself in the affairs of its home world’s population, the Master of the Watch takes a keen interest in them.

If this unit is part of your Crusade army and you are the Defender, then you start the battle with an additional 2 Command points.

Master of The Arsenal

This Captain, often of the 3rd Company, is responsible for managing and overseeing the Chapter’s vast inventory of munitions.

Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield when you use an Adeptus Astartes Wargear Stratagem (pg 104105), that Stratagem costs O Command points.

Master of The Fleet

The Master of the Fleet is often the Captain of the 4th Company and is responsible for the Chapter’s armada of spacefaring warships.

He is expected to be highly skilled not only in commanding a single ship in battle but also in coordinating all of the Chapter’s vessels in the highly complex matters of ship-to-ship combat.

If this unit is on the battlefield, you can use the Orbital Bombardment Stratagem (pg 104) twice during the battle instead of once.

While this unit is on the battlefield, each time you use the Orbital Bombardment Stratagem (pg 104), it costs 1 Command point instead of 3.

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