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When the light was fading, and Mrs. Morel could see no more to sew, she rose and went to the door. Everywhere was the sound of excitement, the restlessness of the holiday, that at last infected her.

She went out into the side garden. Women were coming home from the wakes, the children hugging a white lamb with green legs, or a wooden horse.

Occasionally a man lurched past, almost as full as he could carry. Sometimes a good husband came along with his family, peacefully.

But usually, the women and children were alone. The stay-at-home mothers stood gossiping at the corners of the alley, as the twilight sank, folding their arms under their white aprons.

Mrs. Morel was alone, but she was used to it. Her son and her little girl slept upstairs; so, it seemed, her home was there behind her, fixed and stable. But she felt wretched with the coming child.

The world seemed a dreary place, where nothing else would happen for her-at least until William grew up. But for herself, nothing but this dreary endurance-till the children grew up.

And the children! She could not afford to have this third. She did not want it. The father was serving beer in a public house, swilling himself drunk.

She despised him and was tied to him. This coming child was too much for her. If it were not for William and Annie, she was sick of it, the struggle with poverty and ugliness and meanness.

She went into the front garden, feeling too heavy to take herself out, yet unable to stay indoors. The heat suffocated her.

And looking ahead, the prospect of her life made her feel as if she were buried alive. The front garden was a small square with a private hedge.

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Sons and Lovers Book Pdf Free Download

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