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Solution To Rubik’s Cube PDF Free Download

Holding Your Cube:

Holding your cube with the white centerpiece on the top (u) face, you must create a white cross as shown to the right.

Much of this level is achieved with practice and by trial and error…but we do have some tips.


Be sure to solve the sections of the white cross in the following order-blue, orange, green, red.

Notice the EDGE PIECE COLORS above match the top white center place and the side red and blue centerpieces.

This is how we know the edge pieces are in the correct positions. Keeping the white centerpiece on top, move the blue/white edge piece to the bottom (D) face,

then rotate it on the bottom until it is directly under the blue centerpiece. Now hold your cube so the blue centerpiece and blue/white edge place are on the right (R) face.

Rotate the right (R) Face until the blue/white edge place is on the top (U) face and above the blue centerpiece.

If your cube looks like this, hold your cube so the orange centerpiece is on the right (R) face and start solving the side with the orange centerpiece the same way as stated above.

If your cube looks like this, do the sequence below making sure the blue centerpiece is on the right (R) face.

Holding Your Cube:

With the white cross on top of (U) Face, you must solve the white corner pieces.


• Corner pieces will have one white side plus 2 other colors.

If the corner piece is already on the bottom (D) Face, then rotate the bottom (D) face until the corner is directly below its intended location.

Once in that position, your cube may look like any one of the 3 pictures on the right. THEN do the sequence below IX, 2X or 3X or UNTIL it is in the correct position

If you need to switch diagonal corners like B and C or D and A, then do the secgience once.

Then, orient the cube so the 2 correct corners are in the back and do the sequence again.

If 1 edge is correct and 3 edges are incorrect orient the cube so the face with the correct edge is the back (B) face.

Then, determine if the edge pieces need to move clockwise or counter-clockwise and do the correct sequence below.

If all 4 edges are incorrect, then do either sequence below once, and then determine what direction the three edge pieces need to move and do the correct sequence below.

Move 1: Rotate a Center Piece by 90 Degrees: Clockwise

  • Position your Rubik’s Cube so the center piece that needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise is on the Left Face.
  • It is impossible to rotate only one middle piece of the Rubiks Cube 90 degrees so this move will also move the Upper Face center piece 90 degrees counterclockwise. If possible, orient a side without a picture on the (U) Face.
  • If there are only pieces that need to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise, place each one in the (U) Face position. (After completing this step you may need to do Move 1 over again.)
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Solution To Rubik’s Cube PDF Free Download

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  1. Thank you for this booklet, it seems like the one I first bought in 1981 and learned how to solve the cube.
    Subsequent tutorials I have seen needlessly make it appear difficult.

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