The Silappadikaram PDF By V R Ramachandra Dikshitar

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The Silappadikaram Book PDF Free Download

The Silappadikaram By V R Ramachandra Dikshitar Book PDF Free Download

Silapathikaram English Translation

In the fifties of the second century A.D. there lived in the city of Puhar, which was the capital city of the great Karikalaccolan, two merchant princes who had respectively a son and a daughter.

The son went by the name of Kövalan, and the daughter by that of Kannaki. At their respective ages of sixteen and twelve.

Their parents had them married according to the fire-rites prescribed in Vedic literature. Soon separate establishment was set up for them and the young couple spent some time together happily.

One day when Kövalau was passing through the busy streets of Puhär, he happened to cast his eyes upon Madavi, a charming courtesan of the city, who had just won her laurels from the king of the land.

Kövalan having fallen in love with her, left his home and lived with the courtesan until he had wasted upon her the whole of his wealth.

There then came the festival sacred to Indra, the God of Heaven. All Puhär celebrated it with pomp and splendor.

The lovers spent their evenings in the park on the seashore entertaining themselves with music A song of Madavi, made Kovalar suspect that she had thoughts of another lover.

This caused a change in his feelings towards her. With wounded pride, he left her, as he intended. for good. He came home and opened his heart to his sorrow-stricken wife.

He explained the circumstances he was in and told her of his resolution to leave the city for Madura to earn his livelihood.

Kannaki who was a strict observer of the rules laid down for chaste wives, and who practiced them to their very letter, welcomed the suggestion and sought permission to follow him wherever he might go.

He spoke to her of the difficulties of traversing on foot forest belts and mountain tracts full of wild animals and haunted by evil spirits bent on mischief.

AuthorV R Ramachandra Dikshitar
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The Silappadikaram Book PDF Free Download

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