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General Information of Siding Contractor Agreement

This siding contractor agreement is between a homeowner and a company or individual that will provide siding services.

This agreement sets out the specific terms including a detailed description of the job, payment terms, and when the job should be completed.

It also includes provisions regarding obtaining permits and that the siding contractor is considered an independent contractor.

It is imperative that any type of home improvement project be clearly set forth in writing.

A written Siding Contractor Agreement will prove valuable in the event of disagreements, misunderstandings, or litigation between the parties.

Instructions and Checklist For Agreement

  • The parties should read the agreement carefully.
  • Insert all requested information in the spaces provided on the form.
  • This form contains the basic terms and language that should be included in similar agreements.
  • The parties should read the “Payment Terms” provision carefully. If there are disagreements, they will likely focus on this provision.
  • This agreement must be signed by the homeowner and siding contractor.
  • The parties should retain either an original or a copy of the signed agreement.
  • All legal documents should be kept in a safe location such as a fireproof safe or safe deposit box.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The following instructions will walk you through each provision to help you fully understand the terms of your agreement. The numbers below correspond with the respective providers within the Agreement.

Heading: Fill in the names of the homeowner and siding contractor as well as the address of the property where the work is to be performed.

Section 1: Job Description: Describe in detail the siding services the Contractor will provide and the hours in which the Contractor may work.

Section 2: Payment Terms. Check the appropriate box which reflects the method of payment for the project.

Section 3: Time of Performance. Set forth the beginning and completion dates of the siding project.

Section 4: Independent Contractor Status. Check the appropriate box and provide specific examples if necessary.

Section 5: License Status Number. Check the appropriate box and provide a detailed description regarding the siding contractor’s license.

Section 6: Liability Waiver. Review this provision carefully.

Section 7: Permits and Approvals. Check the appropriate boxes and add details if necessary.
Section 8: Liens and Waivers of Liens. Read each provision carefully and check the appropriate box. Provide additional information if necessary.

Section 9: Materials. Read the provisions carefully, check the appropriate box, and add detailed descriptions if warranted.

Section 10: What Constitutes Completion. Read this provision carefully.

Section 11: Limited Warranties. Check the appropriate boxes and provide additional details if necessary.

Section 12: Dispute Resolution. Check one box which will set forth how any disputes regarding this agreement should be handled.

Section 13: Late Performance. Check one box and provide additional information if warranted.

Section 14: Change Order (Mid-Performance Amendments). Read this provision carefully.

Section 15: Indemnification (Hold Harmless) Clause. Check the appropriate boxes and provide details if necessary.

Section 16: Surety Bond. Provide the amount of any surety bond.

Section 17: Site Maintenance. Check the appropriate boxes and provide the necessary descriptions.

Section 18: Additional Agreements and Amendments. Provide any additional amendments or agreements entered into between the parties regarding this siding project.

Signature Blocks. Both homeowner and contractor must sign and date this services agreement.

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Siding Contract Services Agreement Template PDF Free Download

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