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Secret History Of The World

This history of the world is structured in the following way.

The first four chapters will be precisely on ‘what happened in the beginning’ as taught by the Secret Societies, including what is meant in the Secret teaching by the Expulsion from Eden and the Fall.

These chapters will also aim to provide a description of the world-view of the secret societies, a pair of ideological glasses – so that the reader can better appreciate what goes on.

Several figures from myth and legend are treated as historical figures in the following seven chapters.

It is the history of what happened before written records began, as it was taught in the mystery schools and is still taught today in secret societies.

Chapter 8 covers the changes traditionally understood as historical periods,

But fiction continues to tell tales of demons and fantastic beasts, miracles and prophecies, and historical figures who conspired with bodiless beings to direct the course of events.

I hope that the reader’s mind will be equally delighted with the strange ideas presented and the disclosure of the names of the personalities who have entertained these ideas.

I also hope that some of the strange claims will impress many readers… Yes, this explains why the names of the weeks go in that order…

That is why the images of the fish, the water carrier and the serpent-tailed goat are everywhere marked with constellations that do not really resemble them…

That’s exactly what we’re referring to in Hello Ann… This explains the Knights Templar’s acceptance of demon worship.

This is what gave Christopher Columbus the determination to set out on his most dangerous voyage…

That’s why an Egyptian obelisk was erected in Central Park in New York at the end of the nineteenth century… That’s why Lenin’s body was embalmed.

There was a time when there was no time at all.

Time is nothing but a measure of the changing positions of objects in space, and, as any scientist, mystic or madman knows, in the beginning there were no objects in space.

For example, a year is a measure of the speed of the Earth around the Sun.

It is one day for the Earth to rotate on its axis. Since neither the Earth nor the Sun existed in the beginning, the authors of the Bible never intended to say that everything was created in seven days in the general sense of ‘day’.

Despite this initial absence of matter, space, and time, something must have happened to begin everything. In other words, before anything can happen, something must have happened.

Since there was nothing when something first happened, it is safe to say that this first event must have been quite different from the events we routinely describe in terms of the laws of physics.

Would it be fair to say that this first event may be in some ways more like a mental event than a physical one?

The idea of mental events producing physical effects may seem counterintuitive at first, but it’s actually something we experience all the time.

For example, what happens when I’m hit with a thought like ‘t just go ahead and stroke her cheek’ – is that a pulse bounces off a synapse in my brain, something like an electric current Burns a nerve in my arm and my hand shakes.

Can this everyday example tell us anything about the origins of the universe?

In the beginning an impulse must have come from somewhere – but from where? As children, didn’t we all wonder when we first saw crystals precipitate at the bottom of a solution, as if an impulse was squeezing from one dimension to another?

In this history, we will see how the birth of the universe, the mysterious transformation from matter into matter, has been explained in a similar way for many geniuses of the world.

They have imagined an impulse from another dimension squeezing into this dimension – and they have imagined this other dimension as the mind of God.

While you’re still on the threshold – and before you risk wasting any more time on this history – let me make it clear that I’m going to try to persuade you to consider something that Can be cured by a mystic or a madman, but which a scientist will not like.

A scientist will not like this at all.

For today’s most advanced thinkers, academics such as Richard Dawkins, the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford, and other militant materialists who regulate and maintain the scientific world-view, the idea of a ‘mind of God’ is no better. . of a white haired old man above the clouds

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The Secret History Of The World PDF Free Download

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