The Secret History Of The World PDF

The Secret History Of The World Book PDF Free Download

The Secret History Of The World Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

THIS HISTORY OF THE WORLD IS structured in the following way.

The first four chapters will ok at what happened in the beginning’ as taught by the secret societies, including what is meant in de secret teaching by the expulsion from Eden and the Fall.

These chapters will aim, too, to provide an account of the world-view of the secret societies, a pair of conceptual spectacles – so readers may the better appreciate what follows.

In the following seven chapters many figures from myth and legend are treated as historical figures.

This is the history of what happened before written records began, as it was taught in the Mystery schools and is still taught in the secret societies today.

Chapter 8 includes the transition into what is conventionally thought of as the historical period,

but the narrative continues to tell stories of monsters and fabulous beasts, of miracles and prophecies and historical figures who conspired with disembodied beings to direct the course of events.

I hope that throughout the reader’s mind will be pleasurably bent equally by the strange ideas presented and by the revealing of the names of the personalities who have entertained these ideas.

I hope, too, that some of the strange claims will strike a chord, that many readers will think … yes, that explains why the names of the week run in the order they do…

That’s why the image of the fish, the water-carrier, and a serpent-tailed goat have everywhere ascribed constellations that don’t really resemble them …

That’s what we’re really commemorating at Hallow en… That explains confessions of demon worship by the Knights Templar..

That is what gives Christopher Columbus the conviction to set out on his insanely perilous voyage…

That is why an Egyptian obelisk was erected in New York’s Central Park in the late nineteenth century… That is why Lenin was embalmed

AuthorMark Booth
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The Secret History Of The World Book PDF Free Download

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