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Journeys End

The evening of March 1st. A faint ray of moonlight shines down the narrow stairs into a corner of the dug-out space.

Warm yellow candle flames illuminate the other corner by the necks of two bottles placed on the table. Through the doorway one could see the dim gray roof of the moat and a narrow strip of starry sky.

A bottle of whiskey, a jug of water, and a mug lie on the table amid piles of papers and magazines. An officer’s equipment hangs haphazardly from a nail in the wall.

Captain Hardy, a red-faced, cheerful-looking man, is sitting on a box by the table, drying a stocking over a candle flame.

He wears a heavy trench boot on his left leg, and his right leg, which is naked, is propped up on the damp floor by his left knee.

His right shoe is standing on the floor next to him. As he carefully twirls the sock this way and feels it in front of his face to see if it’s dry – he half-sings, half-sings – hums.

when he is not sure of the words, and marks time with the toes of his right foot. Hardy: Another two. It’s with Maude and Lou; Three and four, two more girls.

Five and six, it’s seven, eight, with Clara and Caroline [He is lost in an indefinite hum, and ends with a lively blast ticking off the clock,

And we shall begin the day again, above in the moonlit ditch a man’s feet appear, and a tall, thin man slowly descends the dugout stairs.

He takes off his helmet and shows a fine head, with close-cropped, iron-gray hair. He looks to be about forty-five—basically a tough email.

Hardy: Oh, I know; He’s a wonderful boy!

Osborne: And because he held it until his nerves were shredded, he’s called a bender.

Hardy: Not an alcoholic; just one – just a hard drinker; But you’re absolutely right about his nervousness. They are all fiery. Last time we were resting we were playing bridge and something happened – I can’t remember what it was; Some silly little argument – and all of a sudden he jumps up and knocks all the glasses off the table! lost control of himself; And then he – sort of – came – and cried

Osborne: Yes, I know.

Hardy: You heard about it?

Osborne: He told me.

Hardy: Did he? We tried to suppress it. This shows in what condition he is. {He gets up and puts on his things. There’s a pause.) You know, Osborne, you should be in command of this company.

Osborne: Me?

Hardy: Of course you should. It sticks around for a mile. I know he’s stuck up and all that, but, damn it, man, you’re twice his age — and think what a sweet, levelheaded old man you are.

Osborne: Don’t be an ass. He was out here before I joined. His experience alone makes him worth a dozen people like me.

HARDY: You know as well as I do, you must take command.

Osborne: There’s no one to touch him as a commander of men. if he one day commands a battalion

Hardy: Yes, if! (He laughs.)

Osborne: You don’t know him like I do; I love that man. I’ll go to hell with him.

Hardy: Oh, you sweet, sentimental old darling!

Osborne: Come along. Stop delegating and stop complaining.

Hardy: There’s nothing else to do.

Osborne: What about the log-book?

Hardy: God! You are an activist. oh good Here we are. (He finds a tattered little hook among the papers on the table.) Written to date; Here’s my last entry: “5 p.m.” Everyone is silent till 8 pm. German aviators flew over the trenches. shot a mouse.”

Osborne: Did he?

Hardy: No, I shot the rat, you ass. Well, finish your whiskey. I want to pack my mug. I’ll leave you that drop in the bottle.

Osborne: Thank you. (He drinks his whiskey and passes the mug to Hardy.)

HARDY (placing the mug in his pack): I’ll go.

Osborne: Aren’t you going to watch and wait for Stanhope?

HARDY: Well, no, I don’t particularly want to see that. He is very fussy about trenches. I expect them to be very dirty. If he gets hold of me, he will talk for hours.

AuthorR. C. Sherriff
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