Journey’s End: A Play In Three Acts PDF

Journey’s End Book PDF Free Download

Journeys End Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

The evening of a March day. A pale glimmer of moonlight shines down the narrow steps into one corner of the dug-out.

Warm yellow candle flames light the other corner from the necks of two bottles on the table. Through the doorway can be seen the misty grey parapet of a trench and a narrow strip of a starlit sky.

A bottle of whiskey, a jug of water, and a mug stand on the table amongst a litter of papers and magazines. An officer’s equipment hangs in a jumbled mass from a nail in the wall.

CAPTAIN HARDY, a red-faced, cheerful-looking man, is sitting on a box by the table, intently drying a sock over a candle-flame.

He wears a heavy trench boot on his left leg, and his right foot, which is naked, is held above the damp floor by resting it on his left knee.

His right boot stands on the floor beside him. As he carefully turns the sock this way and that feeling it against his face to see if it is dry-he half sings, half kums a song-humming.

when he is not quite sure of the words, and marking time with the toes of his right foot. HARDY: One and Two it’s with Maud and Lou; Three and Four, two girls more.

Five and Six it’s with-hm-hmm Seven, Eight, Clara and Caroline [He lapses into an indefinite humming, and finishes with a lively burst Tick -Tock wind up the clock,

And we’ll start the day over again, A man’s legs appear in the moonlit trench above, and a tall, thin man comes slowly down the dugout steps.

Stooping love to avoid the roof He takes his helmet off and reveals a fine head, with close-cropped, iron-grey hair. He looks about forty-five-basically a hard email.

AuthorR. C. Sherriff
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Journeys End Book Full Text PDF Free Download

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