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About S-Form

Since 1985, S-FORM, also known as SAMMOKS-FORM, has contributed to world-class standards in commercial, residential and civil concrete formwork construction in South Korea and overseas.

A 65 percent share in the domestic market reflects our excellent quality in our products and services, acknowledged in the spectacular projects of past and present customers.

A testament to this is that our manufacturing facilities are unmatched, equipped with not only fabrication lines, but from melting aluminum raw materials to barcode systems for utilitarian packaging including shipment and beyond, we have a wide range of inert aluminum forms. There is a recycling system for Environment protection.

Our manufacturing facilities which mainly produce aluminum formwork currently occupy 280,993 square meters (=69.43 acres) and produce 350,000 square meters (=7,350 tons) per month.

It is the largest existing aluminum formwork fabrication facility in the world and we have now operated specialized robotic welding automation lines to increase export capacity to meet the growing demands of overseas customers as of 2013.

We have operated overseas branches in Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, and agent offices in Japan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and the United States to meet overseas customers’ timely satisfaction and maintenance of products and services.

aluminum formwork

Total Aluminum Recycling System

The aluminum formwork used to its maximum use is collected and sent to factory cleaning, shot blasting and chemical treatment lines for washing process and then separated into reusable and non-reusable formwork Is.

Non-recyclable formwork is sent to the melting line for a total recycling system process.

Also known as Sammok, it is the first mover that created the Korean skyline in the construction and engineering sectors with the creation of aluminum formwork systems and currently occupies 65 percent market share which is reflected in our excellent reputation among suppliers and represents technology.

Export lines have been operated at the Dunpo factory where export orders have been exclusively and professionally managed until 2012.

Gang form is a type of external formwork system for high-rise buildings and apartments where the external surface is a row of identical walls and is used for vertical and horizontal accuracy.

It comes with cage which enhances the work efficiency including plastering work, dismantling of installment and formwork.

There are four types of climbing systems which are Auto Climbing System (ACS), Portable Climbing System (PCS), Guide-Rail Climbing System (GCS) and Safety Climbing System (SCS). SCS).

A.C.S requires a hydraulic pump and is used for high rise buildings where reduction in construction period is a priority.

The P.C.S also requires a hydraulic pump, but it drives two floors at a time, as hydraulic cylinders are installed on the system, so it can be operated by simply switching the hydraulic pumps.

GCS requires only 2 hours to move one floor and scs. For the main gang forms there is an auxiliary system to prevent unexpected accidents.

Specific to civil engineering projects, civil formwork is valuable where the project includes wharves, harbours, bridges or dams.

Our engineers have experienced various civil engineering projects and are willing to share the experience
with you

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S-Form Aluminum Formwork PDF Free Download

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