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S-Form Aluminium Formwork PDF Free Download

About S-Form

Since 1985, S-FORM, also known as SAMMOKS-FORM, has contributed to world-class standards in commercial, residential, and civil concrete formwork construction in South Korea and overseas.

The 65 percent of domestic market share demonstrates our outstanding quality in our products and services approved throughout the past and present customers’ brilliant projects.

One of the evidence is that our manufacturing facilities have been peerless one which is not only equipped with fabrication lines but also from melting aluminum raw materials to barcode system for utilitarian packing including shipment and going beyond that, we have recycling system for inoperative aluminum forms considering environmental protection.

Our fabrication facilities which mainly produce aluminum formwork currently occupy 280,993 m² (=69.43 Acre) and produce 350,000 m²(= 7,350 tons) per month. This is the biggest aluminum formwork fabrication facility existing in the world and now we have operated exclusive robot welding automation lines to enhance exportability meeting increasing demands in overseas customers as of 2013.

We have operated overseas branches in Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam and agent offices in Japan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and the United States to meet overseas customers’ on-time satisfaction and maintenance of products and services.

Aluminum Formwork

Total Aluminum Recycling System

The Aluminum Formwork which has been utilized to its maximum usage is collected and sent to the factory’s cleansing, shot blasting, and chemical treatment lines for the washing process and then segregated to reusable and non-reusable formwork.

The non-reusable formwork is sent to the melting line for a total recycling system process.

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S-Form Aluminum Formwork PDF Free Download

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