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Rubik Cube Formula Sheet Book PDF Free Download


Rubik Cube Formula Sheet

  • Mindset is critical – learning to solve the Rubik’s Cube is difficult but if you persevere, you CAN solve the Rubik’s Cube.
  • Keep the Rubik’s Cube on a table or use a mat like the one on to maintain the same front face for an entire algorithm (sequence of moves).
  • Think of the algorithms as moving a piece out of the way, setting up its correct position, and then moving the piece into that place.
  • Master one layer by re-scrambling your Rubik’s Cube and practising multiple times before moving on to the next layer. (Note: When solving the last layer, you can scramble just the top by applying the algorithm on page 12).
  • Learn songs and chants to help you memorize the algorithms.
  • Place a small sticky note on the piece of the Rubik’s Cube you are moving so you can follow its path. Consider taking a video while you do this and then watch the video.
  • Use this guide along with You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube’s corresponding resources such as videos, solving checklists, and teacher guides.

Cube Notation

Solving the cube will require you to turn its face. Each face is represented by a letter.

The direction of a given rotation is denoted by the presence or absence of a prime (’) symbol. Right face: R Left face: L Upward-pointing face: U Downward-pointing face: D Front face: F Back face: B R, L, U, D, F, or B means to turn the corresponding face 90 degrees clockwise R’, L’, U’, D’, F’, or B’ means to turn the corresponding face 90 degrees counterclockwise. R2, L2, U2, D2, F2, or B2 means to turn the corresponding face 180 degrees.

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Rubik Cube Formula Sheet Book PDF Free Download

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