RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers 2024 PDF

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RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers PDF Free Download

RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers

These questions under various categories can be helpful in determining knowledge and skills. The different categories of question types provided are named as follows:

Content In this PDF

  1. Quick Bytes
  2. Crack These
  3. The Pixel’s
  4. Crossover
  5. Think Lateral
  6. Answers

(1) Quick Bytes

In this category, MCQ-type questions and options are given. Let’s see some examples.

Q.1 Which of these is not a keyboard layout?


Q.2 In 1980, Apple declared there would be no more of this item inside its buildings and on its grounds.

A. Windows B. Oranges C. Gates D. Typewriters

(2) Crack These

In this category, One 3-4 line paragraph is given and you have to provide an answer in writing. Sometimes you have to fill in the blank. Let’s see an example.

Q.1 SD is a non-volatile memory card format developed by the SD Card Association (SDA) for use in portable devices. What does SD stand for? Ans:………..

Q.2 In computing, the POP is an application-layer Internet standard protocol used by e-mail clients to retrieve e-mail from a server in an Internet Protocol (IP) network. What is POP? Ans:…..

(3) The Pixel’s

In this category logo, design, or image will given you have to identify them.

Like the logo of any company and identify the company name.

Photos of the company founder and you have to guess the name

(4) Cross Over

The name itself tells what is inside this category. Black and white horizontal and vertical boxes should be filled with the correct answer to the question given below.

(5) Think Lateral

You have to identify the company name. some codeword images provide a question you need to think out of the box and lateral.

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RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers PDF Free Download

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