RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers 2023 PDF

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RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers PDF Free Download

RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers

The document provided contains questions of different varieties along with the answer key.

These questions under various categories can be helpful to determine one’s knowledge and skills. The different categories of question types provided are named as follows:

  • Quick Bytes
  • Crack These
  • The Pixel’s
  • Crossover
  • Think Lateral
  • Answers
  • It automation:- All of the above
  • Expectations of TCSer:- End to end
  • TCS open day:- 24th July
  • Ron:- Ron should have tested the script in pre-production
  • Not an automation tool:- VR
  • Main obj of Rio:- break free
  • Earthquake:- Business
  • Google:- Kubernetes
  • Saas platform:- Datadog
  • Software platform for VM:- Vagrant
  • Means of production
  • Ruby
  • Shift management  (2005 texas city)
  • Project oath (support engineer)
  • Recipes (an object used by the chef)
  • Ansible (not a puppet)
  • Test kitchen (chef Dev kit for ruby)
  • Business continuity plan (earthquake)
  • The right combination of technical and inter-personnel skills
  • RCA requires (Woolworth supermarket)

MCQ For Practice

  1. What is not correct process for Change Management?
  • Maintain Change inventory logs
  • B Proceed for rollback for change without approval
  • C Secure proper approvals for any emergency releases

2. Risks That will be identified through RiO’s Risk Assessment Questionnaires are:

  • An Only TCs related
  • B Only Customer related
  • C Operational Risks( Both Customer and TCS related)
  • D None of the above

3. You are connected to a conference call with your cell phone and in between the call you are getting a call from your friend:

  • A You will disconnect the conference call to take up your personal call
  • B You will put the conference call on hold and take up the personal call
  • C You will decide only when you get into such situation
  • D You will wait for the conference call to end and then call up your friend

4. Access to Customer’s servers must always be done through

  • A Team Leads Login
  • B Individual login
  • C All of the above
  • D Shift leads Login

5. Do a system health check

  • A Never
  • B Before the Maintenance cycle
  • C After the Maintenance cycle
  • D Before and After the Maintenance cycle

6. Should Audit logs be maintained

  • A No need as it uses up a lot of space
  • B Yes, as it will give us an insight into activities performed
  • C Audit logs should never be maintained

7. Zero Incidents due to Human Error will benefit

  • A All of the above
  • B Team’s Honor
  • C Company’s Honor
  • D Individual Honor

8. A checklist must be followed for performing all changes

  • A False
  • B True

9. A Human Error in Production Support Engagements:

  • A Can affect TCS brand image
  • B All of the above
  • C Can have a high business and financial impact
  • D Can affect the customer brand image

10. What are the checks performed post-completion of a Change during the change window?

  • A Post Implementation Check
  • B Closure of the Change Request
  • C End User Confirmation Check
  • D All of the above

Crack This Questions

  1. It is the sensation and false belief that one can hear one’s mobile phone ringing or feel it vibrating, when in fact the telephone is not doing so. Other synonyms include ringxiety (a portmanteau of ring and anxiety) and fauxcellarm (a play on “false alarm”), What is this sensation called?
  2. IBM has decided to ban X in its offices. The reason is that X ships everything you say to a data center in Maiden, North Carolina. Thus IBM believes that it may lead to data theft and privacy issues. What is X?
  3. The idea for “gateways” came about through a group of computer networking researchers called the International Network Working Group (INWG). The very first device of this type was the Interface Message Processor (IMP); IMPS constituted the ARPANET, the first packet network. How do we better know ‘gateways’ today? Ans:
  4. was nominated for the ‘2010 Nobel Peace Prize’ for promoting “dialogue, debate and consensus through communication” as well as democracy. After this nomination, there was also a debate as to who would collect the prize if won. Fill in the blank. Ans:
  5. Which technology has been described by its introducer as ‘pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels”? Ans:
  6. Intel and AMD are phasing out chipset support for by 2015, PC makers would need to add a separate chipset on the motherboard for connectors, which could add to the cost of making a PC. Which very prominent piece of PC hardware is being phased out soon? Ans:
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RIO Awareness Quiz TCS Answers PDF Free Download

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