RBL Bank Credit Card Application Form PDF

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RBL Bank Credit Card Application Form PDF Free Download

RBL Bank Credit Card Application Form

I declare that all the particulars and information given in the application form are true, correct, and complete and no material information has been
withheld/suppressed from RBL Bank Limited (“RBL Bank”). I shall furnish such additional writings as may be required in connection with the financial
assistance/s required by me. I also authorize RBL to check references about me from any bank/persons.
I shall/advise RBL Bank in writing of any change in my/our residential or employment/ business address or any such change which may affect my credit
I understand that RBL Bank reserves the right to retain the photographs and documents submitted with this application and will not return the same to me.
I understand that the grant of credit card is at the sole discretion of RBL Bank and upon my executing and submitting necessary documents and other
formalities as required by RBL Bank.
I confirm that no bankruptcy proceeding is pending against me nor have I ever been adjudicated bankrupt. I am not a relative of a director of other banks, not a firm in which a director or a relative of directors or other banks are interested partner/ guarantor, not a director/ senior officer/ relative of a director or senior
officer of the bank*. *includes directors of scheduled cooperative banks and their relatives, directors of subsidiaries/trustees of mutual funds/venture
capital funds set up by the financing banks or other banks. If the above declaration is found to be false then the Bank will be entitled to revoke and/or recall
the Facility.
I hereby authorize and give consent to RBL Bank to disclose, without notice to me, the information furnished by me in application form(s)/ related documents
executed in relation to the credit card from RBL Bank, to RBL Bank’s other branches/subsidiaries/affiliates/Credit Bureaus/Rating Agencies, Services Providers, banks/financial institutions, governmental/regulatory authorities, or third parties for KY C information verification, credit risk analysis, or for other related
purposes that RBL Bank may deem fit.
I understand and acknowledge that RBL Bank shall have absolute discretion, without assigning any reason (unless required by applicable
law), to reject me/ our application and that RBL shall not be responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever to me/ us for such rejection or
any delay in notifying me/us of such rejection, any costs, losses, damages or expenses, or other consequences, caused by reason of such
rejection, or any delay in notifying me of such rejection of my application.
I agree and understand that credit limits are subject to periodic review and will vary based on the bank’s credit assessment of my card
account and I expressly authorize RBL Bank to revise the credit limit on my credit card, based on its credit assessment, without prior
notice to me.
I confirm that
i. I shall furnish any additional documents as and when required by RBL Bank.
ii. I do not have any existing customer ID or customer ID apart from the one mentioned above, and in case found otherwise. RBL reserves the right to
consolidate the customer IDs under a single customer ID as it may decide, without any prior notice to me/ us.
iii. I understand that the credit decision is based on a credit model which includes factors like credit history, repayment track record, banking habits,
business stability & cash flow analysis which is assessed through a combination of personal discussion and documentation.
vi. No commitments have been made to me/us by the Bank or any of its representatives regarding the credit limit on the credit card. Further, I have not
given/ made any payment in cash, bearer cheque or kind along with or in connection with this application to any representative of RBL Bank (or)
to any other third party.
I hereby submit voluntarily at my own discretion, the biometric-based e-KY C authentication or offline modes defined by UIDAI (Aadhaar) to
RBL Bank for the purpose of establishing my identity/address proof.
The consent and purpose of collecting Aadhaar have been explained to me in vernacular language. I hereby declare that all the information
voluntarily furnished be me is true, correct, and complete. I will not hold RBL Bank or any of its officials responsible in case of any incorrect
information provided by me.
I hereby authorize RBL Bank to use my Aadhaar Number and/or biometric/demographic information to verify my details from UIDAI. I
understand that RBL Bank will be calling for data from UIDAI and the same will be stored with RBL Bank for providing me the product /
services opted by me.

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RBL Bank Credit Card Application Form PDF Free Download

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