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Critical Thinking Book PDF Free Download

Critical Thinking Book PDF Free Download


This book pays close attention to jury deliberation, but it is not exclusively or even primarily concerned with courtroom reasoning.

Jury deliberation is profoundly important, but it is only a tiny fraction of the critical reasoning you must do.

Every day you are bombarded with advertisements, and to find any helpful substance in them you will have to critically winnow out masses of chaff.

You are a citizen in a democratic society, and thus it is your responsibility to carefully and rationally evaluate the policies and programs of your local, state, and federal government and to vote intelligently for the candidates you consider most capable.

You encounter advertisements, the evening news, news magazines, opinion journals, scientific reports, editorials, textbooks-all making claims that are sometimes contradictory and sometimes slanting the material presented.

Sorting these out, distinguishing fact from speculation, and weighing competing theories and interpretations require the same reasoning skills that are required of an effective and responsible juror.


The point of this chapter is that in your deliberations you must try to approach the case with an open mind, free of bias and favoritism.

There will be those who wish to exploit your fears and prejudices and preconceptions: unscrupulous advertisers who play on our fears of social stigma to selling us

overpriced and often unnecessary “remedies” for bad breath, body odor, and the terrors of “flaking and itching”: politicians who pander to our fears to sell us

dubious foreign policies; and lawyers who hope that prejudices will substitute for arguments. It requires constant vigilance to avoid substituting our

biases for rational reflection, but it is essential to do so if we are to reason well in the jury room and the laboratory and the marketplace, and the voting booth.

It is natural to feel a special sympathy with those who have similar goals and inter ests. Th

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Critical Thinking Book PDF Free Download

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