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The First Lesson


In India, candidates for initiation into the science of “Raja Yoga” when applying for education in the Yogi Masters,

They are given a series of lessons designed to enlighten them about the nature of the real Self and to instruct them in the secret knowledge by which they can develop the consciousness and realization of the real “I” within themselves.

They are shown how to put aside false or incomplete knowledge regarding their true identity.

Until the candidate has mastered this instruction, or at least until the truth is established in his consciousness, he is refused further instruction.

It is believed that he is not able to understand the source of his power until he becomes conscious of his true identity.

And, moreover, he is not able to feel within himself the power of will, which is the basis of all the teachings of “Raja Yoga”.

Master Yogis are not satisfied if the candidate makes only a clear intellectual conception of this real identity,

But they insist that he must realize this truth, he must become aware of his real self—enter into a consciousness in which realization becomes a part of his everyday self—in which the realized consciousness become the prevailing thought in the mind, around which all his thoughts and actions revolve.

  1. Mental Instruments of the Ego

In the first lesson, we gave instructions and exercises designed to awaken the candidate’s consciousness to the realization of the real “L”.

We have confined our instructions to the preliminary teachings of the reality of “T” and to the means by which the candidate may be made to realize his real Self, and obtain its freedom from the body and things of the flesh. Might be possible.

We have tried to show you how you can awaken to the consciousness of the reality of “T”; its true nature; freedom of its body; its immortality; Its invincibility and invincibility.

How successful we are can only be determined by the experience of each candidate, because we can only show the way, and the candidate must do the actual work himself.

But there is much more to be said and done in this matter of awakening to the sense of “I”. So far, we have only told you how to differentiate between the physical covering of the ego and the “I” itself.

We tried to show you that you had a real “I”, and then tried to show you what it was, and how it was independent of physical coverings, etc.

But there is another step, even more difficult, in this introspection.

Even when the aspirant realizes his independence of the body and material coverings, he often mixes the “I” with the lower principles of the mind.

It is a mistake. We will try to bring out this fact in this lesson and the exercises attached to it.

We shall avoid, and ignore, the spiritual characteristics of matter, and confine ourselves to yogic psychology.

We shall not touch upon the doctrines, nor attempt to explain the cause, nature and purpose of the mind—which is the instrument of doing

ego—but instead an attempt will be made to point out a way by which you can analyze the mind and then determine which is the “not-me” and which is the real “me.”

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