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Promissory Note Templates

What Is a Promissory Note?

A promissory note is a written document that records the borrower’s promise to pay back the lender’s money.

It records how much the debt is, how the borrower will pay, and when the borrower should complete the payment.

The note can either be a simple note that records the lump sum payment on a specific date or a demand promissory note where the lender demands the payment according to their will.

Aside from person-to-person loans, promissory notes are also useful for demanding payments for student loans,

How Do You Create a Promissory Note?

Contrary to common belief, a promissory note has several clauses that ensure the successful repayment of the debt.

This note is basically an agreement between parties that make them liable and accountable for possible non-compliance.

So, if you are about to engage in personal loans, here are some steps and tips on how to create a complete promissory note.

1. Identify the Parties

The accuracy of the essential details is highly critical for any legal document. It also holds true for promissory notes.

The first clause for this document requires the identification details of both parties. It requires the name of either party and their respective mailing addresses.

Other essential details presented in the first clause of this document are the starting date of the loan and the agreed interest rate of the debt.

2. Know the Nature of the Loan

Upon the introduction of the loan’s interest rate, the document dives more into the details of the loan. The succeeding part of the material introduces the nature of the loan.

Present the total sum of the loan and the method of payment. Also, go over the need for security or collateral.

3. Finalize the Payment Terms

The most important information present in the promissory note is the agreed payment terms.

The terms include but are not limited to, the agreement regarding the date of the payment, late fees, interest in cases of default or late payment, repayment, and acceleration of dues.

These terms go hand in hand with the definition of the loan. As these details of the arrangement are critical, their statements must be straightforward and direct.

Both parties must also agree on when the payment is due, whether it may be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

The presence of this valuable detail in the legal document holds the borrower liable for timely payment.

  • Company Information – Identifies the LLC’s name, address, and business purpose. Separate clauses can be allocated to cover stipulations of liability, intent, and tax preference for the company.
  • Organization – Confirms the names and titles of all designated members and their respective interest percentage holdings. Denotes the responsibilities of each member or manager associated with the company and outlines rules on how meetings are held, financial records are documented, and voting is conducted.
  • Contributions – Maintains a detailed account of the initial capital offered to the business by each member. A listing of previous or current non-monetary contributions to the company, such as a member’s property (personal, real, or intellectual), unique expertise, or labor, can additionally be recorded.
  • Distributions – Defines the process in which any profits or losses will be divided amongst members of the LLC.
  • Membership Changes – Determines the procedure for admitting possible new members and how the transfer of interest must be carried out. A “first right of refusal” option can be developed within the contract, as well as a solidified course of action in the event of a member’s death.
  • Dissolution – Under circumstances where the company is to be dissolved, paragraphs confirming the precise liquidation method can be addressed.
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Free Promissory Note Templates PDF Free Download

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