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Project on Consumer Awareness for Class 10

The government of India provided the following rights to all consumers under the Consumer Protection Act:

1.Right to Safety
2.Right to be informed /Right to Representation
3.Right to choose
4.Right to be heard
5.Right to Seek Redressal
6.Right to Consumer Education
7.Right to Basic Needs
8.Right to a Healthy environment

Consumer Responsibility
The consumer has a certain responsibility to carry as an aware consumer can bring changes in the society and would help other consumers to fight the unfair practice or be aware of it.

  • 1. Consumer must Exercise his Rights.
  • 2. Cautions  Consumer  / Do not buy Blindly.
  • 3 Filing Complaint about the Redressal of Genuine Grievances.
  • 4. Consumers must be Quality Conscious/not compromise on Quality.
  • 5 Advertisements often Exaggerate /Beware of false
  • They should be aware of their rights under the Consumer Protection Act and should practice the same in case of need.
  • They should be well aware of the product they are buying. Should act as a cautious consumer while purchasing the product.
  • If in case a product is found anything false or not satisfactory a complaint should be filed.
  • The consumer should ask for a Cash Memo while making a purchase.
  • A customer should check for the standard marks that have been introduced for the authenticity of the quality of the product like ISI or Hallmark etc.
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Project on Consumer Awareness for Class 10 Book PDF Free Download

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