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Charles Lyell Principles Of Geology

In the second volume, 1 traced the various changes which the volcanic region of Naples is known to have undergone during the last two thousand years,

imperfect as are our historical records, the aggregate effect of igneous and aqueous agency, during that period, was shown to be far from insignificant.

The rise of the modern cone of Vesu virus, since the year 79, was the most memorable event during those twenty centuries; but, in addition to this remarkable phenomenon,

I enumerated the production of several new minor cones in Ischia, and of the Monte Nuovo, in the year 1538.

The flowing also of lava currents upon the land and along the bottom of the sen was described, -the showering down of volcanic sand, pumice, and scoria,

in such abundance that whole cities were buried, the filling up or shoaling of certain tracts of the sea, and the transportation of tufaceous sediment by rivers and land floods.

I also explained the evidence in proof of a permanent alteration of the relative levels of the land and sea in several places, and of the same tract having,

near Puzzuoli, been alternately upheaved and depressed to the amount of more than twenty feet. In connection with these convulsions.

I pointed out that, on the shores of the Bay of Baix, there are recent tufaceous strata filled with fabricated articles, mingled with marine shells.

It was also shown that the sea has been making gradual advances upon the coast, not only sweeping away the soft tuffs of the

Bay of Baie but excavating precipitous cliffs, where the hard Ischian and Vesuvian lavas have flowed down into the deep.

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Principles of Geology Book PDF Free Download

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