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Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning And Example

Phrasal VerbMeaning of the Phrasal VerbExample
Add up toTo have something build up in combination or along with something that has already happenedThe chief guest arriving late added up to the existing problems.
Ask aroundTo enquire about something to different peopleThe teacher asked around the entire school if they saw a little boy named Krishna going upstairs.
Abide byTo act in accordance with something remain faithful to someoneWhile you are here, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations of this organization.He did not show up for the event as he had promised, but he had supported me for months and so I will abide by him.
Account forTo explain something by connecting or relating circumstances be the primary cause of something that happened destroyThe doctor does not have to account for anything to you. You will be accounted for any damage done to the products. Terrorism accounts for the loss of lives more than diseases do.
Break inTo enter a building or a place forcefully start something brand new or take something to a new levelSomeone tried to break into our house last Saturday. Charles broke in with the newest smartphone.
Break upTo break some object into pieces end a relationship dissolve or to partThe glass plates broke up when it was unknowingly pushed down by Chandler. Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend last month. The party finally broke up after three long hours of dance and music.
Blow upTo explode enlarge fail disastrouslyDo you know why vehicles blow up when they crash into another vehicle or fall off a cliff? Try blowing up the pictures if you want a better look at them. Yadhu blew up the interview he attended yesterday.
Back downTake a more compromising and less aggressive position in a conflict contrary to what one had in mind earlierThe opposite party decided to back down after hearing our case.
Break offTo cancel or put an end to somethingDiana broke off her engagement.
Bring onTo cause something to happenExcessive drinking and smoking can bring on serious health hazards like heart attacks, lung diseases, and cancer.
Bring upTo mention rear or nurture uncover something that has been in the dark or a mystery for longWe had asked Salim not to bring up the issue of gender neutrality but he did it anyway. My brother and I were born and brought up in North India. The facts we had been missing out on were brought up by Terry, the undercover agent.
Brush upTo review or improve on some skill that you already possess or some information you already know.I will have to help my sister brush up on her French before she leaves for Paris.
Burst outTo display sudden powerful emotion or to speak suddenly or emotionallyThe whole room burst out into laughter the moment the boys left.
Call offTo cancelThe managing director had to call off the meeting because of some medical emergency.
Catch upTo update oneself with the past and present events entangle reach something that is already ahead of youIt has been a really long time since we met. We should definitely catch up. All the embroidery threads got caught up with each other as they were put together. Susan was late for the meeting but she somehow managed to catch up with all that she had missed.
Check outTo withdraw, to leave examination or to inspectRoss never checks out of the hotel room he has rented even one minute before the given time. The CBI checked out the spot for possible evidence.
Cheer upTo become happy to make someone happy by doing or saying somethingThe little boy fell down but he cheered up soon after. His dad was doing all that he could to cheer him up.
Count onTo depend on someone or something to expectAll the members of the team were counting on their captain. Don’t count on being able to get the 9 p.m. bus if you are planning to leave home by 8:30.
Clean upTo tidyTo become smart or handsomeTommy was asked to clean up the hall after his playtime. He looks smart, he surely cleans up well.
Drop outTo quit or to leave to be interrupted momentarilySruthy and Samantha decided to drop out of the online course. I am not able to make any phone calls as the line keeps dropping out.
Do withoutTo manage without someone or somethingBinu sure cannot do without a secretary.
Do away withTo put an end to something or to eliminate somethingIf you want to live in peace, you have to do away with superstitions and judgments.
Ease offTo reduce the pressure become less serious or concernedTry listening to some music; it will surely help you to ease off your thoughts about the upcoming exam results. The manager tried to ease off a little; he had been working for months to get this project.
End upTo conclude arrive at a particular destination do something eventuallyAfter all the chaos, that is how all of it ended up. Joy, Sherin, Sanju, and Arjun ended up in a forest after driving for a long time. We sat in the railway station for long hours as the train was late and we ended up talking and enjoying each other’s company.
Figure outTo solve or find out something understandAs soon as I figure out how to request a return for the trimmer I bought, I will order a different one. Are you able to figure out what she has been speaking about?
Fall apartTo break into pieces or to disintegrate be in an emotional crisisMy old house is falling apart; we have to do something about it soon or we would be in big trouble. I cannot stand to see my two best friends falling apart because of something so silly.
Fill inTo provide missing information about someone or something to substitute for someone or somethingThe guy who owned the tea shop filled in about the recent theft attempt at the opposite house. Raju asked Bheem to fill in for him so that he could take care of his sick father.
Fall throughTo be unsuccessful be cancelledAll their attempts to convince the Principal for a holiday fell through. Their plans to go river rafting fell through because of heavy rains in the area.
Fall behindTo be late to be below average in one’s performanceThe landlord did not appreciate the boys falling behind with the rent every month. You might lose your job if you keep falling behind with your work.
Follow upTo continue or take further actions to verifyThe superintendent asked him to follow up on the remaining files. Try sending a letter but make sure you follow up promptly without missing out.
Get backTo retrieve do something to harm or hurt someone who has harmed or hurt youMake sure you get every single form back before you leave the office today evening. The boys from the other school are planning to get back at us because they lost the match.
Get throughTo overcome or endure completeIt was very difficult for her to get through all of it alone. Cinderella got through the book she was reading this afternoon.
Give inTo collapse or to fall surrender or to admit defeatThe building gave in due to the earthquake. After a long quarrel, I finally gave in and let him have the last piece of cake.
Go aboutTo keep oneself busy with somethingMy brother just goes about his work; he never has time for the family.
Grow upTo develop or flourishThe technology grew up even in the most rural areas.
Grow apartTo become estranged graduallyThey were very close but they grew apart over the years.
Goof aroundTo play or fool aroundThe children were goofing around with their grandparents.
Go through withTo proceed or continue withMy mom and dad decided to go through with the demolition of our ancestral house.
Hang onTo wait grasp or hold continuously have faith in something persevereCan you please hang on for a minute while I check for your details? Hang on to the handle so that you do not fall. He has got a theory that he hangs on to. This pain is not going to stay forever, just hang on and keep going.
Hold onTo store something for someone to wait for a short whileCan you please hold on to this seat so that I can bring my luggage? Hold on, let me just get my phone.
Hand outTo distributeThe teacher asked Maya to hand out the permission slips.
Hand overTo transfer control or possession of something to someone to or deliver something to someoneThe controls of the system were handed over to Mike. I handed over all the documents to the bank manager yesterday.
Hang outTo spend time with someone and not do anything particularlyMy friends decided to hang out at the coffee shop opposite our college after graduation.
Hold againstTo think less of someone because of something they have doneSuganya was awful to me when we were in school, but I don’t hold any of it against her, but I don’t think she has moved on.
Head backTo go back to a place from where you had initially startedWe headed back to the hotel after a long trek.
Help OutTo provide someone with assistance in doing somethingWhen we were shifting, we did not know much trouble as my son’s friends helped out a lot.
Hold upTo withstand fulfilling one’s part of an agreement to rob at gunpointYou have to hold up to all kinds of judgment if you want to survive at this job. He kept holding up his end of the bargain even though we tried to make a compromise. The guy in the red jacket is the one who held up the bank yesterday.
Knock outTo render the unconscious complete exhaustThe police knocked out the man who tried to break into the house. Ricky knocked out the entire assignment in one night. Taking care of fifty students all day really knocked her out.
Knock offTo killTo remove as a discount robThe girl hired a gang to knock off the people who had been threatening her. The manager agreed to knock off 25% of the price for all new arrivals. The mob knocked off a clothing store during the commotion.
Knock overTo stage a heist to strike somethingThe gang knocked over another bank this week. Kimmy knocked over the water bottle which was kept open.
Look forTo search or seek to expectShe spent her whole day looking for a green file. Do you have any idea of what they would look for in me?
Look outTo be careful and vigilantThe police have asked all the residents of the area to look out for men wearing peculiar clothes.
LookupTo refer or search for information have better prospectsI guess I have to look up the dictionary to find out the meanings of the words I do not know. Everything has started looking up for him since he moved to France.
Look intoTo investigate or explore considerThe CBI has been appointed to look into the case. Can you please look into this before you move on to the next work?
Light upTo illuminate make happyThe team has done a great job in lighting up the entire place.The little boy’s dance lit up the entire room.
Lift upTo exalt someone’s moodThe reunion of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast lifted up the fans of the show.
Look up toTo show respect and admiration for someoneGirls always look up to their fathers.
Make forTo produce a resultConstant disagreement and arguments will not make for a happy marriage.
MakeupTo fabricate or invent To settle or resolveCan you believe that they made up the whole story? You have to definitely make up for all that has happened because of your forgetfulness.
Move inTo start living or working in a new placeWhen are you moving into the new apartment?
Move outTo leave one’s current location to go to another placeBeth finally moved out of this neighborhood.
Narrow downTo make things more specificCan you please narrow down your choices so that we can provide you with the cost estimation?
Opt-outTo decide not to participate in somethingAnna opted out of the creative writing competition.
Pay forTo be punished or held accountable for something that has happenedWe had warned him that he would have to pay for his careless choices.
PaybackTo take revengeGulliver paid them back for kidnapping him.
Point outTo remind or indicateThe lawyer pointed out that Harry was the one who reached the spot first.
Pull offTo achieve, succeed or make it happenAre you sure you can pull it off by yourself?
PulloverTo come to a stopCan you please pull over for some time?
Put upTo dare someone to do something endureHe thinks that someone might have put him up to all this.I don’t know how I am going to put up with all her drama.
Put up withTo bear with or endureI know what exactly you had to put up with to reach here.
Rip offTo copy illegallyDo you know who ripped off their idea?
Rule outTo reject an option to make something impossibleWe had to rule out the colors that looked flashy. The heavy rains ruled out our every chance to go out today.
Run intoTo meet someone unexpectedlyran into your brother on the way to school yesterday.
Run overTo describe briefly drive over somethingCan you please run over the agenda for me? Someone just ran over the dog.
Screw upTo ruin or make a mistakePlease try not to screw up this time
See AboutTo take careThe teacher will see about it.
Settle downTo get comfortableLet me know after you settle down.
Settle forTo accept something that’s not desirableHe finally decided to settle for the cheaper headphones.
Sign upTo enrollWe decided to sign up for the winter musicals this year.
Sign offTo stop talkingHow are you planning to sign off your speech?
Sneak inTo enter without being noticedDid you see her sneak into her room?
Shut downTo stop something from functioning endTo withdraw oneself emotionally as a defense mechanismIt would be good if you could shut it down for a while. The company was shut down. She shuts down every time I try to make a conversation with her.
Stand up forTo speak or act in support of somethingWould you stand up for us?
Straighten outTo make something rightHe is coming tomorrow to straighten things out.
Show offTo act boastfullyHe often shows off his new expensive gadgets
Stick aroundTo stayI think she wants to stick around for some more time.
Try outTo test something to check if it works well or not to take a test to see if you qualify, to auditionWhy don’t you try out if the TV is working now? If you want to be on the team, you will have to first try out.
Take out onTo treat someone badlyHe took it out on his sister.
Talk out ofTo dissuade someoneThey talked him out of it somehow.
Think upTo inventI know you can think up plenty of excuses.
Throw upTo vomitThe little boy threw up after jumping around the whole day.
Turn inTo submit or to tell on someoneHe turned himself into the police.
Turn downTo rejectHe turned down the offer
Turn outTo provide a resultIt turned out to be a successful program.
Warm up toTo become earnest to someoneHe warmed up to her as soon as we had expected.
Watch outTo be vigilantYou better watch out for speeding vehicles.
Wear outTo not be in a useful condition or to be exhaustedHe was worn out by the continuous practice.
Wipe offTo removeAll the money was wiped off.
Wrap upTo end somethingWe have to wrap up the event by 5 p.m.
Zone outTo lose concentrationThe children zoned out in the middle of the class.
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