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On The Face Of It NCERT Textbook With Solutions Book PDF Free Download

On The Face Of It

Chapter 6: On The Face Of It

Mr Lamb’s garden There is the occasional sound of birdsong and of tree leaves rustling. Derry’s footsteps are heard as he walks slowly and tentatively through the long grass.

He pauses, then walks on again. He comes round a screen of bushes so that when Mr. Lamb speaks to him he is close at hand and Derry is startled

MR LAMB: Mind the apples!
DERRY: What? Who’s that? Who’s there?
MR LAMB: Lamb’s my name. Mind the apples. Crab apples those are.
Windfalls in the long grass.
You could trip.
DERRY: I….there….I thought this was an empty place. I didn’t know there was anybody here….

MR LAMB: That’s all right. I’m here. What are you afraid of, boy? That’s all right.
DERRY: I thought it was empty….an empty house.
MR LAMB: So it is. Since I’m out here in the garden. It is empty. Until I go back inside. In the meantime, I’m out here and likely to stop. A day like this.

Beautiful day. Not a day to be indoors.
DERRY: [Panic] I’ve got to go.
MR LAMB: Not on my account. I don’t mind who comes into
the garden. The gate’s always open. Only you
climbed the garden wall.
DERRY: [Angry] You were watching me.
MR LAMB: I saw you. But the gate’s open. All welcome. You’re
welcome. I sit here. I like sitting.
DERRY: I’d not come to steal anything.
MR LAMB: No, no. The young lads steal….scrump the apples.
You’re not so young.
DERRY: I just….wanted to come in. Into the garden.
MR LAMB: So you did. Here we are, then.
DERRY: You don’t know who I am.
MR LAMB: A boy. Thirteen or so.
DERRY: Fourteen. [Pause] But I’ve got to go now.
MR LAMB: Nothing to be afraid of. Just a garden. Just me.
DERRY: But I’m not….I’m not afraid. [Pause] People are
afraid of me.
MR LAMB: Why should that be?
DERRY: Everyone is. It doesn’t matter who they are, or
what they say, or how they look. How they
pretend. I know. I can see.
MR LAMB: See what?
DERRY: What they think.
MR LAMB: What do they think, then?
DERRY: You think…. ‘Here’s a boy.’ You look at me…and
then you see my face and you think. ‘That’s bad.
That’s a terrible thing. That’s the ugliest thing I
ever saw.’ You think, ‘Poor boy.’ But I’m not. Not
poor. Underneath, you are afraid. Anybody would
be. I am. When I look in the mirror, and see it,
I’m afraid of me.

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NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Chapter 6 On The Face Of It

1. What is it that draws Derry towards Mr Lamb in spite of himself?


Derry notices Mr. Lamb is different from others. Mr. Lamb shows fearlessness on seeing Derry’s burned face. Rather he lovingly talks to him.

Derry was thinking that his problem is big enough to make him the saddest person in the world. But later hearing from Mr. Lamb, he finds his problem to be a small one and starts managing Mr. Lamb.

I believe that the unusual conversation between Mr. Lamb and Derry has pulled him towards Mr. Lamb notwithstanding himself.

2. In which section of the play does Mr Lamb display signs of loneliness and disappointment? What are the ways in which Mr Lamb tries to overcome these feelings?


It is midway in the first scene of the story that Mr. Lamb exhibits signs of loneliness and disappointment. Although the solitude of Derry controls the play, there are evident shades of Mr. Lamb’s loneliness during the first view of the play.

Mr. Lamb shows signs of separation when Derry says that he had listened to a lot of passive things about Mr. Lamb.

Mr. Lamb. decides to overcome those emotions by listening to the song of the bees in the beehive on the tree in his garden. These are the ways in which Mr. Lamb tries to overcome his loneliness.

3. The actual pain or inconvenience caused by a physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person with disabilities. What is the kind of behaviour that the person expects from others?


A person with physical impairment can live life with honor and respect if he is not exposed and punished with ruthless pity. He expects compassion rather than sympathy. Being with a weakness doesn’t mean one is not human.

It is an individual with just a tiny defect. There is no necessity for the alienation of disabled people. Helping them in improving their skills, notwithstanding their inabilities, by acting ordinarily with them would be a great thing to do. That is something they would expect from us.

4. Will Derry get back to his old seclusion or will Mr Lamb’s brief association effect a change in the kind of life he will lead in the future?


No, Derry will not get back to his privacy. The small association of Derry with Mr. Lamb raised his self-assurance and encouraged him to respect himself.

I think Mr. Lamb’s brief association would bring a difference in the life of Derry that he is going to lead in his future. It’s because within a short period Mr. Lamb made him satisfied and comfortable.

He has also taught Derry the wish to work for something rather than thinking about his broken face. This will definitely change Derry’s approach towards other people and will surely have an impact on the life that he is going to lead in the future.

NCERT Class 12 English Textbook Chapter 6 On The Face of It With Answer PDF Free Download

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