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Should Wizard Hit Mommy NCERT Textbook With Solutions Book PDF Free Download

Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Chapter 5: Should Wizard Hit Mommy

In the evenings and for Saturday naps like today’s, Jack told his daughter Jo a story out of his head. This custom, begun when she was two, was itself now nearly two years old, and his head felt empty.

Each new story was a slight variation of a basic tale: a small creature, usually named Roger (Roger Fish, Roger Squirrel, Roger Chipmunk), had some problem and went with it to the wise old owl.

The owl told him to go to the wizard, and the wizard performed a magic spell that solved the problem, demanding in payment a number of pennies greater than the number that Roger Creature had, but in the same breath directing the animal to a place where the extra pennies could be found.

Then Roger was so happy he played many games with other creatures and went home to his mother just in time to hear the train whistle that brought his daddy home from Boston.

Jeck described their supper, and the story was over. Working his way through this scheme was especially fatiguing on Saturday, because Jo never fell asleep in naps anymore, and knowing this made the rite seem futile.

The little girl (not so little anymore; the bumps her feet made under the covers were halfway down the bed, their big double bed that they let her be in for naps and when she was sick) had at last arranged herself, and from the way her fat face deep in the pillow shone in the sunlight sifting through the drawn shades, did not seem fantastic that some magic would occur, and she would take her nap like an infant of two.

Her brother, Bobby, was two, and already asleep with his bottle. Jack asked, “Who shall the story be about today?”
“Roger…” Jo squeezed her eyes shut and smiled to be thinking she was thinking. Her eyes opened, her mother’s blue. “Skunk,” she said firmly.

A new animal; they must talk about skunks at nursery school. Having a fresh hero momentarily stirred Jack to creative enthusiasm. “All right,” he said.

“Once upon a time, in the deep dark woods, there was a tiny little creature by the name of Roger Skunk. And he smelled very bad.”

“Yes,” Jo said. “He smelled so bad that none of the other little woodland creatures would play with him.”

Jo looked at him solemnly; she hadn’t foreseen this. “Whenever he would go out to play,” Jack continued with zest, remembering certain humiliations of his own childhood,

“all of the other tiny animals would cry,

“Uh-oh, here comes Roger Stinky Skunk,” and they would run away, and Roger Skunk would stand there all alone, and two little round tears would fall from his eyes.”

The corners of Jo’s mouth drooped down and her lower lip bent forward as he traced with a forefinger along the side of her nose the course of one of Roger Skunk’s tears.

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NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy

1. What is the moral issue that the story raises? 


The story explores ethical issues dependent on various levels of maturity. It also discusses the issue of the relationship of the child-parent relationship deeply.

There is a sharp contrast between an adult’s aspect of life and the worldview of a little child. Though Roger Skunk didn’t like the thought of smelling foul again, he agrees with his mom because he loves his mom more than all the other animals.

It also shows the kind of trust that Roger had in her mother. This is the kind of trust that Jack had Jo have in him so that later in life Jo understands how valuable this lesson was for her.

Thus, the story proposes the question of whether parents should always be followed blindly.

2. How does Jo want the story to end and why?


Jo was not satisfied with the ending of the story and persuaded her father to retell the story the next day presenting the story in a predetermined way that she had set.

According to Jo, neither Roger skunk nor the Wizard was wrong in the story. She wants this to happen because she cannot see Roger Skunk being left alone by his friends.

According to her, Roger is great at smelling like roses and that his friends won’t run away from him anymore. She wanted the story to end with the wizard hitting back the mother skunk with his magic wand on her head.

3. Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?


Jack insisted that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother since he wanted Jo to realize that whatever parents do for their kids is for their good.

He wanted to make Jo understand that there’s no wizard in practical life. Also, his notable defense of Mommy Skunk made Jo aware that Jack was defending his mother or something really important.

4. What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?


Jack believes that he has been caught in an ugly middle position physically, emotionally as well as mentally since both his spouse and his daughter are in his presence.

He was aware of his responsibilities as a husband and as a father. But he is incapable to choose between the two. Clare is six months pregnant.

She’s painting the furniture alone and expects Jack to help her. She also says “That was a long story” when Jack comes downstairs.

Her explanation makes Jack feel guilty because he couldn’t come to help his wife on time. On the other hand, all his struggles to make Jo fall asleep have gone in vain.

Moreover, he couldn’t make Jo understand Mommy Skunk was indeed doing what was best for little Roger. Everything that Jack was required to do was left incomplete. He found himself to be in an ugly middle position as he could not wipe out the gap between the old and the modern generation.

NCERT Class 12 English Textbook Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy With Answer PDF Free Download

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