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Odisha Tourist Places List PDF Free Download

Identified Tourist Centres In Odisha


  1. Angul District Headquarters 02 Banarpal Strategic point
  2. Bhimkand Sleeping Vishnu
  3. Binikei Religious Centre
  4. Bulajhara Scenic Spot
  5. Deulajhari Hot Spring
  6. Derjang Scenic view – Reservoir
  7. Handapapatrapada Scenic Spot
  8. Hingula Pitha Religious Centre
  9. Khuludi Waterfall
  10. Rengali Scenic Spot
  11. Talcher Industrial area
  12. Tikarapara Scenic Spot & Wildlife BALANGIR 01. Balangir District Headquarters
  13. Gaikhai M.I.P. Scenic Spot
  14. Harishankar Religious Centre
  15. Jogisarada Religious Centre
  16. Patnagarh Religious Centre
  17. Ranipur Jharial 64 Yogini Shrine
  18. Saintala Religious Centre
  19. Turekela Scenic Spot
  20. Bhima Dunguri Religious/ Historical Centre
  21. Kumuda Pahad Scenic / Religious Centre BALASORE 01. Ayodhya Religious Centre & Archaeological Site
  22. Balaramgadi Sea Beach & Fish Trading Centre
  23. Balasore District Headquarters
  24. Bardhanpur Religious Centre
  25. Bhusandeswar Religious Centre
  26. Chandaneswar Religious Centre
  27. Chandipur Vanishing Beach
  28. Chasakhanda Baghajatin Memorial
  29. Chowmukh Dagara Sea Beach
  30. Gud Religious Centre
  31. Inchudi Historical (Freedom movement)
  32. Kasaphal Sea Beach
  33. Kupari Religious Centre
  34. Langaleswar Religious Centre
  35. Laxmananath Welcome point
  36. Panchalingeswar Scenic Spot
  37. Raibania Fort
  38. Remuna Religious Centre
  39. Sajanagarh Religious Centre
  40. Talasari Sea Beach
  41. Tripisagadia Religious Centre
  42. Tudigadia (Sahid Pitha) Historical Centre
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