A Calendar of Dinner PDF With 615 Recipes

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A Calendar Of Dinner With 615 Recipes PDF Free Download

The Art Of Carving

Carving is an art, and one that can be easily accomplished by anyone who knows a few general directions.

A proper set of carving tools is almost indispensable, and should include: a good thin, sharp-bladed knife, a solid two- or three-pronged fork, and a pair of carving shears.

Anything that needs to be carved on the table should be placed on a dish large enough to allow the joint to be rotated without moving the dish from its position. The dish should be placed right in front of the carver.

Joints such as beef, veal and ham should be cut very thin: while lamb, mutton and pork should be slightly thicker.

To cock a cock, start by hooking the fork into the pinion and pulling it toward the leg; And then, prying the knife from the bottom up, remove the wing at the joint.

Then slide the knife between the leg and the body, cutting the joint, and twist the leg back with the fork, and the joint will give way. Then remove the other wing and leg.

After removing the legs, insert a knife into the top of the breast, and slice below the merry thot or wishbone to loosen it with a fork.

After ward, cut slices from both sides of the breast. Next, remove the collarbones, which are located on either side of the wishbones, and then separate the side bones from the back.

The breast and wings are considered the most delicate parts: the back is considered the least desirable, usually left on the plate.

The turkey is carved in the same way, except that the legs and wings, being larger, are separated at the lower joint.

The lower part of the leg (or drumstick) is tough, tough and fibrous, which is usually left on the plate.

First cut off the wings, legs and breast on one side; Then turn the turkey round and cut from the other side.

To carve a goose, separate the leg from the body by inserting a fork into the short end of the leg, pressing it close to the body, and then run the knife under, turning the leg backward as you cut through the joint.

To remove the wing, insert a fork into the short end of the wing and press it close to the body, then slide the knife down and separate the joint. Next, cut under the wishbone and remove it,

Shortening is the fat in pastries or baked foods, distributed only throughout the whole dough. No chemical changes take place during the baking process.

So when you eat a pie or a hot biscuit, in which animal fat is used, you are eating raw animal fat.

Therefore, the shortening used in all cooked foods should be as pure and healthy as if you were eating it buttered on bread.

Because Crisco is so easily digested, and because it is a pure vegetable fat, all who understand the above fact in relation to pastry making have now come out in favor of Crisco.

An indication of the purity of Crisco is shown by this simple test: break a warm biscuit in which Crisco has been used. You will notice a sweet scent, which is most appealing.

A few years ago, if you had told men and women suffering from indigestion that they could eat pie for dinner and not be troubled, they would probably have doubted you.

Hundreds of examples of the healthfulness of Crisco have been given by people who were once denied foods such as pastries, cakes, and fried foods, but who now eat these rich, yet palatable Crisco recipes.

You, or any other generally healthy person, whose digestion doesn’t like greasy foods, can eat Rich Pie Crust. There is prosperity, but not unpleasant consequences. Crisco is easily digested.

Importance of giving Crisco food to children

Good digestion will mean a lot for the health and character of the youth. A man rarely looks stronger than his stomach, because indigestion hinders him from doing great things.

Since more attention is paid to the present diet, less attention is required to the medical attention in the future.

Equip your kids with good stomachs by giving them nutritious Crisco meals – foods that are easy to digest.

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A Calendar of Dinner With 615 Recipes PDF Free Download

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