A Calendar of Dinner PDF With 615 Recipes

A Calendar of Dinner With 615 Recipes Book PDF Free Download

The Art of Carving

CARVING is an art, and one which anybody, with a knowledge of a few general directions, can acquire easily.

A proper set of carving tools is almost indis pensable, and should comprise: a good thin, sharp-bladed knife, a solid two or three-pronged fork, and a pair of carving scissors.

Anything that needs to be carved at table should be placed on a dish sufficiently large to allow the joint to be turned without moving the dish from its position. The dish should be placed close in front of the carver.

Such joints as beef, veal and ham should be cut very thin: while lamb, mutton, and pork should be trifle thicker. To care a fowl, begin by sticking the fork into the pinion and draw it towards the leg; and then, passing the knife underneath, take off the wing at the joint.

Next slip the knife between leg and body, to cut through the joint, and with the fork turn leg back, and joint will give way. Then take off other wing and leg.

After legs are taken off, enter knife into the top of breast, and cut under merry thought or wishbone so as to loosen it, lifting it with the fork.

After wards cut slices from both sides of breast. Next, take off collarbones, which lie on each side of wishbone and then sep arate side bones from the back.

The breast and wings are” considered the most delicate parts: the back as the least desir able, generally is left on platter. A turkey is carved in same manner, except that the legs and wings, being larger, are separated at lower joint.

Lower part of leg (or drumstick) being hard, tough, and stringy, usually is allowed to remain on platter. First cut off wing, leg, and breast from one side; then turn turkey round and cut them off from the other.

To carve a goose, separate leg from body by putting fork into small end of leg, pressing it close to body, and then pass ing knife under, and turning leg back as you cut through joint.

To take off wing, put fork into the small end of wing, and press it closely to body, then slip knife under and sep arate the joint. Next, cut under wishbone and take it off,

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A Calendar of Dinner With 615 Recipes Book PDF Free Download

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