Odisha Death Certificate Form PDF

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Odisha Death Certificate Form PDF Free Download

Odisha Death Certificate Form

The death certificate is a document provided by the concerned State Government stating the cause of the death, date, and place.

The death certificate is a permanent legal record, and therefore the death registration is compulsory under the law of the State Government of Odisha.

In this article, we look at guidelines for obtaining the Odisha death certificate in detail.

Purpose of Death Certificate

The death certificate should be registered within 21 days of its occurrence. The reason for registering death are mentioned below:

  • Legal: A death certificate is considered a legal record of the concerned person’s death. It provides information about the deceased person’s cause of death, including date and place. These details are used for claiming insurance benefits, settlement of pension, and transfer of personal property.
  • Statistical: A death certificate is an essential source for analyzing the mortality statistics in the country. These statistics are used for many medical and health-related research.

Registering the Death

The death needs to be registered under the concerned Urban Local Bodies (ULB)/ Municipality Office authorities of the locality.

  • Death occurs in House: If the death has occurred in-house, the head/guardian of the family should report the death to the concerned authority.
  • Death occurs in the Hospital: If the death has occurred in the hospital, the medical in charge should report the death.
  • Death occurs in Prison: If the death has occurred in prison, the jail in charge should register the cause of death.
  • Death occurs in Public Places: If the death has occurred in public gathering places or particular institutions, then the concerned in charge should take responsibility.
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Odisha Death Certificate Form PDF Free Download

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